One In Ten Million

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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, November 11, 2002 at 6:47PM :

Funny how when your thoughts are your own, earned the hard but delightful way, not pre-chewed for you, you feel confident in yourself, no matter how many people oppose you.

You walk through life and the majority walk against speak and they talk at want friends but learn to do without many, if any. You watch them going by, you listen to their carbon copy makes you smile, makes you sad, but it never shakes you. Their cruelty is always a surprise...cruelty born of insecurity...for as odd as it seems, even with all the newspapers, magazines, TV shows and movies, pulpits and schoolrooms on their side...they still aren´t convinced. If ten million believe in god and you don{t...doesn´t scare you, doesn´t make you want to burn them, or hang them, or even be unkind to them, if they´ll stop popping up in your toilet trying to baptise you. But not them...with everything reflecting and authenticating their views and prejudices and pet beliefs, they still quake and reel and recoil and lash out if one, just one person sees things differently. That´s cause they never thought a day about what they think they believe...just swallowed it whole cause it was presented that way...given as a dose against parental displeasure or public ostracism...go along to get along.

They can´t understand how you escaped...your very insistence that you´d prefer to at least question and test before perhaps arriving at their same conclusion, shakes them (after all if they´re right, don´t you stand a good chance of arriving at the same conclusions?), for just the idea that you can demand to do such a thing, makes their acceptance, their blind acceptance intolerable and humiliating...if it was good enough for them to swallow...why not you dare think you´re better...or are you implying they aren´t as good?

A "Murderous Certainty", that´s what most people have in place of thoughts.

-- panchmaster
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