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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, November 11, 2002 at 7:16PM :

In Reply to: "From Marine to Anti-War Organizer" posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, November 11, 2002 at 1:58PM :

My Hero. If the best that this country stands for was ever in danger...I´d stand shoulder to shoulder with this man.

These corporations are doing in the world what they´ve done to us at home. It´s our fault too for buying into this American Frontier freedom crap. The Lone Prairie is dotted with oil rigs and we can´t get enough...what we don´t see is that we´re driving right into our own brick wall...made by us, paid for by us...but to someone else{s profit...they love us no more than they love Iraqis. And they don´t hate Iraqis´s more money they want...this is the absurd endgame Marx and even Lenin saw for capitalism. When your chief good in life is profit...and you are content to use up your own forests and rivers and oceans, and you are not disturbed by the legions of the poor living in ghettos and slums or in cars and under bridges...when more is never enough and you´ve exceeded your wildest become separated from Humanity and unhinged from your own...and we´ve just given THESE people the mightiest weapons ever invented and we actually believe they´re only going to use them for OUR safety and betterment?

From what piece of evidence did we conclude that? When Martha Stewart will rip off other fools, who will eventually take it out on the rest of us, for a few paltry millions more...remember the Savings and Loan scandal...what makes us think they harbor any goodwill towards us and our children...our air and sky and mountains?

They don´t hate and they don´t love. That´s why "Love" is in all the advertisements and why people rush to weep and pray and spread flowers at the site of massacres and tragedies...we´re throwing them there for ourselves, for the living, because we know we´re next. From their talk you´d think Americans and their leaders were the kindest people on earth.

-- panchmaster
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