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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 11:36AM :

In Reply to: No Thank You, Mr. Bush posted by AssyrianVoice4Peace from ? ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 10:23AM :

I agree with it all of course...except Iīd like to pint out that "America" does not want this it didnīt want the one with Vietnam...or Korea. These are increasingly extensions of business policy and profit share and all of that. We "wanted" the Second World War, sort of, at least our representatives voted for it and we did support it. Since then however itīs been just what that Republican, five star General warned us of...wars for a Military Industrial business consortium...which can only succeed if they scare us enough...and if that means supplying or allowing a few people to harm us...itīs the price of business success...hell they release chemicals and test innocent people all the time...whereīs the surprise in it any longer...we know the rat bastards will do anything for a buck...for a few billion theyīll really do anything and everything...after all, they DO give you jobs donīt they?

Even back when it was just the three Mīs...Missionaries, Money and Marines...US policy "favored" economic development and that meant exploitation anywhere you could get away with it. The Doleīs started out as missionaries, who soon invested heavily in pineapple plantations for their converts to work off their Christianity in...then came unrest...threats against the plantation business which the Marines were sent in to quell and restore "order" would naturally flow from such a proposition.

Itīs even more than, "Whatīs good for General Motors is Good For The United States"...the United States has BECOME General Motors. That is ,the welfare of the people of America is tied tightly to the prosperity of American, and increasingly multi-nationals, often controlled by non-Americans, corporations of a global scale. But itīs the same game only worse. You can see how they value us, their workers by the way they treat us here...aside from the lucky few who will get the "dream jobs" weīll all hear about... also like the ones who win it "big" at the mushrooming Casinos and Lotteries, will be our ideal...our only hope for this malady of aquisitiveness that starts with your first Christmas present.

The American people have been taken over by a few corporations...that simple.

-- panch
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