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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 11:50AM :

On her homepage she discusses it...this part caught my eye....

4. Genocide Memorial – Greek, Assyrian, Armenian,

To be erected on the ridge of a hillside. This memorial will be in the United States. Location to be decided, but New York State is the first choice. The memorial will contain the names of lost or killed: Greeks (Pontic, Ionian, and Cappadocian), Assyrians, and Armenians of Asia Minor.

Family and friends of those who died or were missing during the ethnic cleansing in Asia Minor between 1914-1923 will submit the names, along with a small fee for costs. A contest will be held for the design of the memorial open to artists internationally. A panel of judges will choose the finalists. The final selection for the memorial design will be chosen from the finalists by the president of the foundation...


***I felt an urge once to commemorate this event too...but not any more. Our young people need more than a celebration of death. Besides itīs disingenuous to shed tears over one genocide while standing around participating in another. Even the sight of the Israelis murdering innocent people they donīt happen to like...because those people donīt happen to like them...makes a mockery of their own excellent work at memorializing Holocausts...their own being about the only true example of one I can think Christian hands...who else.

No more commemorating death as an excuse to sanctify even more of it. Fuck em...fuck em all, until they ALL renounce this sort of thing. Iīm firmly convinced that in all Human Beans there is the tendency to commit these religion or ethnic group is immune or safe. To build a monument to one, only sanctifies the next groupīs efforts. I donīt want to go on "remembering" while I go on "killing". Iīd far rather work harder at stopping the killing, than giving one group of victims the constant reminder and call to revenge...thatīs all that seems to come out of these things.

If the Israelis didnīt learn any better...what hope do the rest of us have?

-- panch
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