The Real Burning National Question...

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 1:32PM :


Itīs crudely put but oh so to the point. Everyone I know of any sense has walked out of conventions and meetings muttering, "why do I bother every time"? If they attend or participate at all, that is. We KNOW there is something drastically wrong with our National Mentality...what is it?

I suspected it was just the foolishness of Christianity, the Corporate AND the "Hang Me" version weīre so pleased with. But it isnīt in the ideology of the religion the problem lies...itīs in the very belief we have that to be really and truly Assyrian at all you have to be Christian...that only Christians can be Assyrians at all.

The flip side is that all Muslims in Iraq are lineal descendants of the few thousand Arabs who conquered the region in 700 AD...that ANY Muslim today can therefor be called a usurper, or foreigner and told to go back to Arabia. A corollary must be that NO indigenous people in Iraq turned Muslim...not EVER. From that it follows, I suppose, that Christianity somehow "belonged" in Iraq, but Islam couldnīt.

You have to be looney tunes, even if you are an engineer or a surgeon, to believe like this. Thatīs because most of these patriots got their early pre-eductaion from priests spreading weepy-eyed martyr fables and laughable Saintly miracles.

Christianity was brought to Iraq, though not the way Islam was, thatīs true. But militant Christianity...every bit as Murderous as militant Islam and around much longer in the Western Roman world and then the Eastern had tried long and hard to conquer Arabia...and would have too they hoped to keep Iraq, Syria and Egypt. It was a land thing, and a power thing. Those "hordes of Christians killed" by Muslims were Christian soldiers, fer chrissakes...soldiers as hell bent on killing Muslims...not the rustic villagers living in peace we hear so much of.

To defend his tribe Muhammad had to Joshua did and Constantine did. Big fucking deal. What the hell did religion have to do with it except as a spur to the soldierīs loyalty to god and king and country? Islam moved up from Arabia to get that "buffer zone" everybody from the Assyrians on has wanted. They won last, thatīs all.

The Iraqi Cultural site clearly shows emblems of all the faiths and cultures in Iraq. An Iraqi can proudly boast of having the BEST of all the major religions and gods and cultures the West has ever known and is indebted to. In the case of Islam, the conquering Arabs hardly had a culture to speak of...the glory of Islam was the assimilated glory of Assyria and Babylon and Persia...but it had the vigor they lacked by then to DEFEND themselves...yes even by expansion...a sort of a pre-emptive strike against that same West theyīve suffered so much from.

So Abbasid culture and sophistication was the combination of Muslim prowess and desert intelligence mixed with our own culture...and it produced Haroun and the magnificent Baghdad...a city unparalleled at that time anywhere. Whatīs not to be proud of for an Iraqi? Why the hell would a Muslim Assyrian dwell ONLY on the Assyrian days of glory when they can have it all?

Turns out the Christians who call themselves Assyrians want to be the ONLY ones because they resent the power and influence of Islam...and especially resent their brethren who rejectd Christianity for it...or adopted it where they refused Christianity. Thatīs all this is...a petty religious dispute between BROTHER and SISTERS. And you know the kind...the kind whoīd turn their back on any family member who married an outsider.

These Assyrians in the West are rightly despised by the Iraqis, though not as much as they deserve, for their whinning connivance with the West to once again decimate the land of Ashur AND Haroun AND Allah AND Yahweh AND Christ...all in the name of making it ONLY the land of Christ.

Thatīs why they canīt conduct a meeting, talk sense...come together...itīs why they fracture and fragment at the slightest push and are murderously envious...because at the very heart of their argument and soul...there is a great BIG FAT piece of NONSENSE!

It is almost a requirement among these people that you HAVE to speak in tongues and think in riddles...and most of all, they are the type to prefer destroying it all, if it canīt be THEIR way. me...Iīm relieved that Assyrians HAVE A NATIONAL HOMELAND...and there IS NO "question" about it. It happens to be called Iraq instead of Uruk or Assyria or Babylonia...a name conferred on it finally as an accident of history...but that doesnīt change the stones, the culture, the treasures and most of doesnīt change the PEOPLE, who may have been influenced by this or that foreign religion, as they are being influenced around the world today by American Pop Culture...the People are still the People.

So "Assyria" is safe, or at least could be, in the guise of Iraq. And as such it has one of the richest Heritages to be found anywhere in the world. And it has all come down to some Texans wanting more oil...thatīs all these assholes see...wherever they look, from the great and last Alaska Wilderness, to the desert above ancient Babylon.

In whose name? Not in any Assyrianīs name...thatīs for damn sure.

-- panch
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