Open Letter To Editor, Nineveh Magazine

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 1:47PM :

Dear Sir,

Please donīt let it trouble you that we are friends. Iīm willing to overlook it if you will.

With all that is likely to happen in Iraq soon...not only as regards our own people and Heritage, Heartland and treasures, but the excuse this gives to Corporate Rats in America to attack Civil Liberties at home, to perhaps increase tensions in a most volatile part of the, in effect, make a tremendous change in our quest for peace and some stability for all people...donīt you think your esteemed magazine could get over the fucking soccer teams in fucking Habbaniyeh in the 1950īs!!!

Is there ANY nominally Assyrian organ anywhere, besides the usual Pricks, willing to tackle these issues head on, if not hard on head on? Thereīs going to be a sacrifice and barbecue and weīre the corpse-designate...though right now weīre happily munching each otherīs bullshit out in a field.

At the risk of offending your discriminating readership of three families and a dog...the entire future of our Heritage, such as it is, registers not at all with any of us. This is what "Assyrians" do? This is how we "know" we are Assyrians? This is evolution?

If this keeps up you can cancel my subscription...I prefer the Boobs in Sports Illustrated.


Fred Parhad, also known as Panchy Wanchy.

-- panch
-- signature .

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