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Posted by panchmaster from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 6:12PM :

Got a note that Jackie is mailing around telling people to watch ABC news in Los Angeles because all week they´ll be interviewing that Donut fellow from ZOWAA. It´s such a thrill for us, don´t you know.

It is interesting certainly. But it´s a potential disaster...one to add to all the other blunders we commit then blame on someone else, a Muslim usually. You´d never convince these birds though cause they´re SO thrilled to be noticed at all by anyone...IF, IF, IF, all they´ve had to do to get the notice is get killed and killed some more. All we´re going to hear is a little talk of our former greatness...a great deal of talk of our MASS converstion to Christianity and our immense suffering at the hands of evil Islamic, Arabic IRAQ...which is also why anyone is bothering with us now...we help feed the frenzy. We are being used to wipe ass...and will be dealt with as such when the wiping is done.

What saddens me is how much "pride" and joy this "mentioning" of us produces in the same people who went out of their way to crush what was positive, what was creative, what was alive and had nothing to do with our fucking martyrdoms and murders and dislocations and bombed out schools...done by Muslims of course...we dumb stupid bastards are supposed to cheer when the Christian West does it.

What we can produce on our own, standing on our feet and not fawning on those who have used us in the past and will again is completely lost on these part-time Statesmen and Great leaders of our who run dry cleaning businesses and gas stations and drive taxis for what really counts...their livlihood...and who now are elevated to spokesperson status simply because they make good tools and stooges...for the moment. In fact these same Jacksters and ZOWAAS and Golanis and AUA´s would be not only sacred to death, but incapable as well of leading any charge that DIDN´T have to do with wallowing in it...in all the misery we´ve suffered.

What gave them their prominance, their "push"? Other people, that´s what. And not only that, but the violence and increased suffering other people inflicted on us. Had these people a sensible bone in their heads that wasn´t softened by soaking in Holy Water or made brittle by envy and self-promotion all their lives they would have realized long ago, as many did, that for better or worse Iraq IS Assyria...a new Assyria filled with and capable of hosting and inspiring many many eras of greatness such as even ONE seldom come to any country and never between Two Rivers. They would have worked with and within the Iraqi system to improve it...would have helped unify the country so that demonic tyrants wouldn´t have the excuse of "national security" we see them all using, from Nixon to Reagan to Bush to Stalin to Saddam...they would have realized that a strong Iraq would have to be a unified one...and they would have kept their minority religion to themselves and not allowed their envious priesthood to push for a bigger mansion for THEIR Head Coach Bishop.

They bear as much responsibility for fragmenting Iraqi society as our own dumb clucks here bear for fracturing us in America till we´re puny enough to be represented by ONE taxi driver and be GLAD about it.

puke and yuck to ZOWAA and the rest of them...they are Christian Phalangist or whatever movements...nothing more...like the religious wars in Ireland...the Catholics thinking themselves indigenous while the Protestants are the foreigners...when they are all stupid fucking Irish killing each other for a religion that came from Israel.

Our Assyrians are nothing of the kind...they are Christians using Assyria as a means and excuse to get a Christian enclave, or at the least, REVENGE!.

-- panchmaster
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