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Posted by panchmaster from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 6:38PM :

Itīs gonna be a Christian, a devout one, thatīs for sure...no one else can be as assured of instant absolution. We Followers of Ashur bear our own burdens...we donīt let innocent Jews "die for us".

He...itīs always a he, will be an Assyrian patriot...at least his label will say it. Heīll do it for Nineveh, Oy Vey Nineveh. There{s talk out there about how much potential damage even one person speaking and thinking as I am can do for the "cause". For their cause, not mine. Just as I was trouble for Jackie, not for the people...I am troubling to them, to their pet notions...not to an Assyrian Heritage in the modern era. These guys are Stone Age...pure Stone Age...good hearted lugs, slack-jawed and slope-headed, mouthing religious exhortations to holy wars and liberation of holy lands that have already caused nothing but bloodshed and more bloodshed...blood will have blood...how much more proof do we need?

What will really set them off to polishing their crucifixes and stocking up on ammo will be the slightest hint that Iīm influencing anyone...especially any YOUNGER ones. That could be construed as a MOVEMENT...even if it has only a handful in it...because we would be a far more effective, intelligible, sensible handful. Ten thousand Rabby Whakys from Iraqi will do nothing for us because thereīs only so much room at the top of the heap these guys aspire to...and theyīll just turn to bashing and feeding off each other in their eagerness to be THE ONE to "benefit us". Look at that jackass Nimrod and to what lenghts he goes to be the only show in town.

They read here...you bet your sweet arse they do. It was them that called Jeffīs friend and told him to call Jeff to tell HIM to get me to drop the whole thing, apologize to Jackie and they would "fix it" from Iraq.

Their position, their ideology, their program, is so fucking shot through with holes and cheese that the slightest exposure or shove will topple it like the house of cards it is. Their basic premise, that they are the only real Assyrians is nonsense and canīt be defended anywhere. If we are indeed descendants of the Assyrian and Chaldean people then we are pure nothing...not as an ethnicity and certainly not as a religion...not when we share that religion with every horse and cow by the roadside the world over.

All we have is the heartland of ancient Assyria...contained by Iraq today...despite Hannaīs creative geography...and anyone who advocates bombing it some more is hardly any sort of Assyrian...but makes an excellent and woefully typical Christian.

They donīt appreciate these ideas, donīt appreciate them being aired on forums. Even though this is the only outlet for these ideas and right now Iīm the only one willing to discuss them openly...they circulate...they make an effect...they broaden the discussion...they might inspire introspection...there might be signs of intelligent life out there in Assyria...and that, more than anything, these guys canīt tolerate.

I know Iīve put Tiglath and Doc and others in a tight spot. They visited back there, met the people, liked them, felt for them, felt connected to them. I feel the same way...without having been back there in years...feel it when see out our dear thickheaded clods at picnics here. It isnīt their fault shit has been poured into their heads by the church for centuries. You are NEVER in the right when killing...but never less so than when you kill for a god.

The people of Iraq are ALL good people...with the bad among them equally spread around. What is dangerous, and what has caused the Christians among us so much misery, and has hurt us all as well...is the fanatic religious extremists on ALL sides...the ones who want to hide their bloody hands behind their god, any god...even the god of democracy and progress.

THOSE are "our" enemies. Iraq will never heal or prosper again if it does not come together, and the West and Israel are intent on making that impossible...hence this sudden interest in "Assyrians" over here.

Iraq is Assyria.

-- panchmaster
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