What If The Brits Had Named it Assyria ?

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Posted by panchmaster from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 6:50PM :

WouldnŽt that present us with an interesting spectacle? The first thing that would be different is that none of the Christians calling themselves Assyrians today, would do so. TheyŽd call themselves Christians plain and simple.

No way would they want to be identified with an Islamic country...dare we say it, an ARAB country...even one called Assyria.

WeŽd be spared the sight of letters going out from "Assyrians" who work at Ford and canŽt make safe cars, proclaiming the "gratness of Assra" and their eagernes to kill any poor family anywhere in the world their "government" tells them to. WeŽd finally have these Christians out in the open...when Madeline Albright (there is an Ashur in heaven) said five thousand dead kids a month were okay...weŽd see, " Albright says 5000 dead Assyrian Children A Month in Assyria Okay"...for a headline. That would be accurate at least, and honest...two things our Christians canŽt abide now.

WeŽd be talking about killing Assyrians...starving Assyrians...about Assyrians being a threat to world wide security...about Assyrians sponsoring terrorism etc. You think the Whacki Rabi of Iraqi would admit THEN to being a proud Assyrian...you think Peter the Rabid would?

Think again.

-- panchmaster
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