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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 7:08PM :

...for the number of references we´ve had already to Christians be discriminated against in other Muslim countries. This is Christianity´s next great Crusade. There are posts popping up about Christians being killed in Sudan, Timbuktu...about discrimination against them in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. You can bet they are being encouraged to go get discriminated the Christians in Iraq who got killed BY MUSLIMS...always being dragged before us. This is a Christian jihad...well oiled...ahem, and well disguised.

Christians are reformed Jews after all...and how does Israel get more land? Why it persecutes and abuses and humiliates Palestinians, not all of whom are Muslim by the way, until they unevenly matched as they are. Then, they come crying about Israeli children much a tragedy to us as Palestinian children killed...but not to them, and not to the United States.

That´s what they´re doing all over the Muslim world. They´ve so hounded and hemmed in and abused and attacked the Muslim world...while implanting puppets whose excessive flaunting of wealth and foolish pursuits they could point to as both proof of Arab stupidity and "succes" we benefited some of them at least. The common people, especially those whipped up to fever pitch by the murder of their families or their religious extremists, their own Ashcrofts...can now be counted on to want to strike back...but at whom?

In ´56 when the Brits bombed the civillian town of Port Said in Egypt, killing hundreds of women and children...because Nasser dared rule his own country...I almost got killed by a mob or enraged Muslims at school. Who were they supposed to take their rage out on...British warplanes...the Queen Motherfucker? I was handy...I wasn´t even English, I was even born in Iraq...but I SPOKE English and had lived in America, which also isn´t England...but in a pinch, I would do. It´s natural...that´s why it´s working so well...why the Muslim world can´t help but fall into this trap.

The Christians in the MidEast are being used...used not so much by their fellow Christians as by the same Industrialists and magnates who eyed the Sultan´s lands before they provoked HIS Christians to get themselves suspected and shot.

We´re supposed to believe, again...that Exxon and Mobil Oil want to save Christians in the MidEast...ensure their rights and all of that. Who knows, it might work again...what isn´t working these days?

-- panchmaster
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