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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 11:30AM :

Got here last night. The rental agency didn't have the car I'd asked for, a sensible big thing to smack into other big things with...so they upgraded me to a hot red convertible...feel a little silly and will NOT put the top down! It's one thing to drive a ratty Bronco with no top or doors...but to slink around corners looking like you lost your roof by accident and could care less is not my style.

Anyway...spoke with David...that's all your're gonna get out of me...gonna meet him at the gallery. He says he is so impressed by the Assyrians he's met here...says they are so kind and warm...I agreed with him completely...said we wanted to keep them warm, with their blood circulating, in Iraq.

There is an Assyrian gentleman here...been in movies when he was younger...apparently rather well off. He and his wife have seen the sculptures and want some. That is of course so gratifying to me and Visa and American Express and Discover and Mastercard and CitiCorp and the IRS. The family will be pleased too. In all the world only the Jackster will gnash someone else's teeth for this...but who cares.

The show is tomorrow starting in the afternoon and going to the wee hours. The weather is drop dead gorgeous...sunshine desert clear skies, sparkling, cash. Will putz around town and help David where I can...got to press my pants...never had a show before.

Called Narsai just now to wish him luck with his show too. The AAS dinner at the Ritz-Carlton is also on Friday the 15th. What a coincidence...here we've known each other 20 years almost and we're each having a "first" on the same day. He tells me they sold out the event, had to turn people down. People are coming from Los Angeles and Arizona...the mayor of San Francisco will also attend. Someone tell Jackie to take that fetching black outfit she retrofits each year out of storage...I wont be there...it's safe to go.

The Chariot sculpture will be auctioned off, $15,000. I mention these things because we need to "brag" about something besides how we turned our backs on Ashur AND how we've been killed and killed and killed by Islam, and now by Christianity, which we seem to also see as a blessing. I'd like to make an art auction something we do each year...maybe in conjunction with the Taylor Family Foundation who were ready and willing to help with Lina, if the University of Chicago hadn't come through...you know that school...the one with all the Black people around it that upset Nimrod so he wouldn't allow the city to install the Shumirum there? It's good to remember all of this and more. The director of the Taylor Foundation gave five thousand herself to that additional fund that Lina needed. In appreciation Narsai is giving them the large Nazanene sculpture to either adorn their offices or campus...or to auction off at the annual event they have to raise millions for childhood medical support and research and treatment. It's a good sized gift, one they said they would be happy to accept. I'm glad...it's great to give back.

We have so much potential we don't even know...can't begin to imagine. Our goddamned clergy have been harping on our loses an our defeats and murders, on our humility and humiliation...(I don't think they know the difference between the two)...that we have no confidence in ourselves unless we go away.

It's a self-perpetuating cycle of loss and misery...and this is what we leave to our children. That and three clay pots made by a "nice" artist named...Menchavez???

It's such fun being a prick! Why so upset to be a cunt?

-- pancho
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