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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 11:49AM :

If Iraq had been called Assyria instead...then the Christians among us so dead set against being labelled Christian Arabs would be in for it. It would be just desserts. This business about calling every Muslim or Arabic speaking person an Arab is ridiculous...it's the West's ploy in retaliation for Nasser's bid to present a unified front to the same fucking steamroller over there now... and we fall into it gladly because we like to pretend that all Muslims in Iraq are Arabs, from Arabia. This is all devious shit, but shit nonetheless.

If it was Assyria now we'd have to endure having Assyria called an Arab land...and then Assyrians WOULD be "Arabs" Teehee! You wouldn't find a single Christian among us addmitting to being an Assyrian then...not one. And on top of it all they would become the one thing they hate most of...CHRISTIAN ARABS...lol.

Our Christians do nothing Assyrian...they build nothing Assyrian, they create nothing Assyrian...their entire existance and energy and devotion is to Christianity...the only thing they admire about having been Assyrians is that they ABANDONED the very heart and soul and god of the Assyrians...which makes a whole lot of sense!

Iraq has done much much more to preserve the Assyrian Heritage than any Christian Assyrians have...you can see it just on that cultural site. There was no attempot to call the Assyrians Arabs for chrissakes...that's what these Phalangist fellows come over here crying about to get us riled up...because they know in our heads that's going to translate into an attack against our Christianity...because we believe that being Assyrian and being Christian HAVE to be the same thing...so ergo, if you are trying to Arabize the Assyrian Heritage...you are trying also to Arabaize Christianity, which brings us back to the awful awful truth that if Iraq or Syria or Turkey is a part of the "Arab World"...then Christians in those countries are Christian Arabs...teeheehahahhoohoolol.

See...if you're gonna be stupid, go all the way.

-- pancho
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