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Posted by Tiglath from ( on Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 6:37PM :

In Reply to: Re: Why Muslim Assyrians can't exist...... posted by Ben from ( on Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 12:57PM :

*** Dear Ben,

: THe Bear in the Moslem Iraqi case is their Arab ancestry. They are about to give up their 1400 years of Arb culture to satisfy us. If the separation between christian Assyrians and Moslems is removed the Assyrian become Arabs and our history, langauge, culture and existqance for the last 2,500 years will vanish.

*** I never stated that Assyrians become Arabs. I said that genetically we have come from the same ancestors. Culturally each new religion that swept through Mesopotamia eroded our ancient Assyrian culture. The fact that we Christian Assyrians have maintained a little more culture and yes even language when compared to our Muslim brethren is due to the fact that Christianity and its Jewish culture was the only religion we accepted. Meanwhile the majority of our people accepted Christianity and then Islam and its Arab culture, completely eroding their ancient Assyrian culture.

: Anyone who doubt this is ignorant of history.

: By the way there are Assyirn communities that were forced into Islam in the last couple of centuries that could be considered gentically Assyrians but most of the Moslem Iraqis are a mixture of : Arabs, Assyrians, Perisians, Kurds, Mogouls, Turks. In fact most of the moslems inhabitants of Iraq after the 11th century have been Arabized Turks.

: Read the history of Iraq from the 11th century on.

*** I have read history. According to our history, Assyria was an Empire. Our Kings forcefully resettled huge populations from one part of the Empire to another in order to quell rebellion. The Kings also encouraged interracial marriage. Entire populations were assimilated and placed in the Assyrian "melting pot".
The fact that, since the 11th century, new people have been assimilated into Assyria is in keeping with our ancient traditions. And just like our cosmopolitan kings who accepted and even married foreign wives we should also accept this wave of Assyrians.

: Ben

*** Stop seeing the "old woman" Ben, Please look at the picture again.

-- Tiglath
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