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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, November 15, 2002 at 9:58AM :

He's posted what good he thinks can come from attacks on Iraq...a brighter day for Assyrians there...as if they aren't Iraqis as well...like Southern Baptists could claim indigenous rights in America and not be thought of just as citizens of the entire country.

What drives these nationalists is a little boy mentality of having been wronged by a bully...and they want some Big Momma somehwre to slave their egos, give them back their toys and send them to bed well stuffed on nationalism rights and all of them doodles.

They claim that since Assyrians were reduced to minority status by the "Arabs" and others after years of persecution...their numbers should be calculated AS IF there had been no massacres...in ohter words, ignore history and give Hanna the kind of "justice" no one has ever received before...and from whom? The United States...that great dispenser of justice and liberty round the world...or even at home?

No wonder you can't talk sense to these guys...why they fly off the handle if you burst their bubbles...

"1. The Arabs and Kurds would want to treat Assyrians as a religious group, in order the breakdown the Assyrians into small religious denominations.

+++Seems to me they took their cue from us.

This is why it is very important for Assyrians to avert that by solving this issue internally where the breakdown of Christian denomination representation should be handled among themselves where an internal committee should be establish to coordinate and to set what each denominations of the Assyrian nation is entitled to percentage wise.

++++There are a lot of "shoulds" in these guys "facts" and proposals. We should all shit ice cream too but we don't.

2. Further more the Arabs, Kurds and Turks would want to treat Assyrians as a minority. The Assyrian negotiators should be well versed in history to point out for the other side that it was those three ethnic groups played a major role in turning the Assyrians into a minority after several centuries of persecutions, massacres, ethnic cleansing and religious persecution. And any nation that goes through what the Assyrians went through would end up as a minority.

+++Someone well versed in history should point out that it has been Christians who've been killing thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Assyrians for some time now...without a peep from anyone "concerned" about Assyrians being killed.

In other words it is the fault of the Arabs, Kurds and Turks that Assyrians are a minority and as such when they negotiate representation they should not be rewarded for turning the Assyrians into a minority, but rather extrapolate what would have been the present number of Assyrians if there was no massacres and ethnic cleansing, and base the ratio of representation on that number, after all the Assyrians are the indigenous people of the region while the others are not.

+++Why don't we just pay you the salary you WOULD have received had you gone to medical school and become chief of thoracic surgery at the Mayo Clinic? Which you were prevented from doing on account of the masscres and other disruptions caused to your life by the Muslim Conquest. Seems fair to me.

At first glance, what I am suggesting might sound naÔve to some people, but if you analyze it deeply you would realize that counting the extrapolated numbers of the massacred Assyrians (i.e. adding the numbers of their extrapolated descendants as if there werenít any massacres in the past) is to the benefit of the Arabs, Kurds, Turks, and Assyrian, here is why:

...I fell asleep at this point.

-- pancho
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