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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 12:16PM :

From beth....

"We all know that Assyrian is under occupation by foreigners, however no Assyrian political party had comeforth in the open and declared that Assyria is under occupation, and as long as no one is saying that Assyria is under occupation then you can't have a liberation war and no independence. It will always be the satus quo until Assyrians change their current policy.

If there is a dollar on the floor, and you don't want to pick it up, then somepone else will. This is exactly what is happening, the Assyrians are not claiming what is legitimately theirs so the Kurds are claiming it, and similarly the Arabs and the Turks.

The key is that Assyrians should officially diclare that their homeland Assyria is under occupation, then the ball will start rolling, and liberation then independence will come natural.

+++A silly mouthfull. There hadn't been an Assyria for centuries before the Arabs fact there was no Arabia either. This is what I was talking about...the quaint notion that the Assyrian Muslims in Iraq are an invading host because their religion came from a foreign land. The same can be said of the Christians...who also received their foreign religion from a foreign land.

+++So what do we have in Iraq...a land filled with Israelis and Arabs? Then what happened to the Assyrians and Chaldeans? One could say that when the religion of Ashur...the REAL religion of the REAL Assyrians, died out...that from day there have been only Israelis and Arabs in the land...silly no? You can't have it only your way. Iraq is Iraq, containing the Assyrian Heartland within it...there is no country of Assyria any there is no's Portugal now...and Gaul is France and so on.

+++Islam is the freely chosen religion of millions and millions of people around the world...this "die by the sword" nonsense is Christian propaganda...Christians who killed enough pagans themselves...and then went on killing their fellow Christians in astounding numbers.

+++Does everyone in Mongolia who converted to Islam...or in Indonesia or the Phillipines...become an Arab upon conversion? Did the Irish become Israelis when they converted to Christianity...did they become Mesopotamian? Are the Canadians today Israelis because they follow the religion of the man from Galilee?

+++This is a preposterous argument they make. That's why they don't seek publicity. The Kurds ran over here as fast as they could after the Gulf War to get their message out. That's because they believe in the logic and common sense of their position...whatever our boys may think. That's also why we didn't...even though we've been here for a 100 years and more...because deep down we know we make no sense...that's why you get only the idiots and half-wits acting as representatives to the Grat Assrin Nation in Diapers...because no one with any sense is going to risk getting laughed at or met with incredulous and gaping stares.

-- pancho
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