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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 2:53PM :

I mean of the mind. The ones who got off the boat and never stopped getting off...never started onto land.

We have defined being "Assyrian" in such a limiting, infantile, retrograde fashion that no one with any sense wants to be too closely linked to it. Our patriots have succeeded in defining what it means...and at its core is this antique battle between Good and Evil, with Christianity being the Good and Islam the Evil. That's why these turkeys are so "hopefull" now.

It's funny, they never built anything, never contributed anything, never created anything...besides a few churches and weird political clubs and bingo halls. The BIGGEST thing that's happened to them is that the United States has been starving the people of BetNahrain for years, and if god would only smile on them some more...this same United States will go over there again, in just 12 years, and wage an even bigger war against people who never harmed anyone...who are as much victims here as anyone.

This is a moment of tremendous joy and "opportunity" to our "TRUE" Assyrians.

The good news is that these cavemen are a dying breed. There's no way they will be able to inspire a younger generation. I have a feeling that their children will run screaming from their homes as soon as they can and repudiate all ties to any Assyria their parents are imagining.

The bad news is that no one yet seems willing to step into the breech. There are hopeful signs indeed...that's been the most gratifying part of this whole exercise in "ill manners". If nothing else I got put down by some pretty smart people, over here I mean.

A better definition of being Assyrian and Chaldean will have to emerge, and we will have to help define it. As it stands now its a dinosaur well past extinction...it's just painful to watch it thrash around when you know it's a lost cause.

For one, we're going to have to drop this religious thing. Leave people to be whatever religion they want...including the smorgasboard of Christian ones as well as Muslim or anything else. But I mean let it go completely. That implies accepting the people of Iraq, and possibly more...as the descendants of the Assyrians and Chaldeans PERIOD! The minute you want to bring in Aprim-facts or Hanna-maps...you're done for...back on the same weary treadmil that has brought us exactly no where. No, that isn't accurate quite...it's brought us about as low as we can go with not a single sane young person wanting to add anything except the void where they could have been.

No sane Assyrian wants a war in Iraq. No sane Assyrian will insist that if you are Muslim in Iraq, you came from Arabia and are an occupier of the land. One can only conclude that there are very few sane Assyrians...

-- pancho
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