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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 11:45PM :

In Reply to: Good news, or bad? posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 11:23PM :

Our day will come. Wen Ho Lee got his ass thrown in solitary just because he was Chinese and the White agents "KNEW" he must be up to something. To its credit the Chinese American community rallied to his side and he was vindicated and the government got the lambasting it deserved for its racial profiling.

Now who among us is going to stand by another of us? Remember Judas? We'll run from each other like crazy...if we aren't the first to turn one of us in. I think I'll hand them the THERE"s a subversive Human Bean if ever I saw one.

See...I'm Iraqi and all...and I think George Bush is a traitor to the American people and our I think many of our CEO'S are big time crooks who deserve a lot worse than they'll ever get...where's the "subversiveness" of that statement...I can prove it.

They'll have no trouble finding out exactly what I think cause I've been telling everybody and his monkey what I think all day and all nauseum. I'm hardly spy material...where's my "cover"?

My arse is hanging out there so far even old J Edgar could have found it. Speaking of that putz...can you believe that the founding director of the FBI was gay and a cross dresser no less...who was blackmailed by the Mob when they caught him in Flagrante de Licking in a toilet with boys? And since that day the Old Cocksucker wouldn't admit there even was a mafia in America...took out all his aggression on Communists fer chrissakes...while the Mob had a field day...till some cop in Jersey stumbled in on a meeting of all the heads of all the families.

So...FBI, CIA and DDT...come and get me Copper...what HAVEN'T I said!!! What could I possibly be holding back? Honesty is the best policy...George Bush, FUCK YOU!!!

-- panchmaster
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