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Posted by Tony from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 12:12PM :

In Reply to: Good news, or bad? posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 11:23PM :

Funny Business

This UN Inspection/Security Council business its all a sham just as Mr. Bush election, just as Brits support for Mr. Bush plicy, just as French and Russian and Chinese support for Iraqi People.

Aren't these Rat bastards(U.S., Brits, French,Russian, Chinese) sold Iraq Weapons of Mass Destructions? Why can't these bastards provide us with their contracts/receipts. These Rat Bastards know exactly what they have sold/what their friends have sold to Iraq. These bastards exactly know what they have destroyed since the UN insepction regime in Iraq. Am I right?

The Security Council/UN must be brought to justice for their War crimes and illegitimate unlawful acts upon Iraq and Iraqi's people and the whole World.

Is there any International body watching over UN for its ILLICIT ACTS and CRIME bestowed upon the people around the world?

: Some in our community would say that the following is good news, but I say it's bad. More comments below:

: World - Reuters
: Iraq Welcomes Inspectors; Blix Vows No Spies
: Sat Nov 16, 8:17 PM ET
: Add World - Reuters to My Yahoo!

: By Hassan Hafidh and Joelle Diderich

: BAGHDAD/PARIS (Reuters) - Iraq said on Saturday U.N. inspections would disprove accusations that it possessed weapons of mass destruction, and the chief inspector charged with the search vowed he would not tolerate spies on his team.

: Reuters Photo
: Reuters
: Slideshow Slideshow: Iraq and Saddam Hussein

: Video UN Welcomes Iraq's Acceptance of Resolution
: (Reuters)
: Video Iraq Accepts U.N. Inspection Plan
: (AP Video)
: Reuters Video U.N. Nuke Chief Says Iraq 'Must Be Monitored For Years'
: (Reuters Video)
: Related Links
: Text of Iraq Letter to U.N. (AP)

: The U.S. government has begun monitoring Iraqis living in the United States, hoping to uncover potential terrorist threats in the event that war breaks out with Iraq, Bush administration and congressional sources told Reuters.

: ********* Guess what, folks. Over 75% of the "Iraqis" in the United States are Chaldeans and Assyrians! Remember a year ago when Iraqis were at the US-Mexico border... they separated the Muslims from the Chaldeans and the mexican government took the muslims to God-knows where. The Chaldeans were all granted asylum in the US. Since they are granted asylum based on the claim that they are persecuted by the US's #1 enemy Saddam, they are let in in almost every case... which is why most of the "Iraqis" in this country are OUR people... go ahead and re-read that paragraph.

: Then, take a Bathey and go back to Kabul, or Baghdad.

: If you are still here after that, take a Showery (*Sankho knows about this) and repeat.

: If you are still here after the showery, than take your traitor agent slimeball ill-mannered ass back you junglest.

: Okay, I'm getting sick.

-- Tony
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