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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 2:31PM :

In Reply to: Ritz-Carlton posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 11:54AM :

The Jackster was there! I sort of knew she wouldn't miss it for the long as I wasn't there.

It was a super success with people having such a wonderful time. An Armenian lady, Jackie is only partly either...asked Narsai if he would consider hosting one for THEM.

At one point Narsai announced that for $1000 they could build an additional room onto the dorm in Arbil, and twelve people promptly raised their hands. He told the crowd that a teacher's salary for one month was $100 and 25 people raised their hands.

Many said over and over that they'd never seen such a classy affair, certainly never in the Assyrian community. Where's Francis Sarguis when you need an asshole?

AND...everybody showed up on time cause they weren't dreading the event...they were actually eager to be on time and participate and miss nothing. There was no "Assyrian" time...because the people running the event didn't do a traditional "assrin" event.

We always said...give the Assyrian people something special, something professionally done and intelligently other words show them some RESPECT and they'll come up to the mark...which is why these amateurs from hell...the Bejans and Golanis run such awful functions...they don't know how, and as they have no self-respect to begin with, what kind of respect will they show anyone else?

I remember when Jackie did her first self-promotional event...the Genocide Conferrence and Fashion serious of a topic as it is...and as seriously as Jackie tried to make herself the "Queen of Genocides"...we couldn't help howling at the program notes...where she announced there would be a champagne brunch...right after the lecture on severed children's heads, or some such dreadful thing.

It isn't that Jackie felt we all needed some refreshment after such a simply awful's that she had to cram as much of herself into the program as she could...sort like when she has to get into that famously expensive knit suit she carries around in the glove compartment.

By god she got you all there and by god she was going to have a champagne brunch just to show that had the "class" to do one. You can buy can't buy class.

Anyway...I'm glad to see she was willing to come, though I doubt she's ever benefitted from the experience.

-- panchmaster
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