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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 2:48PM :

In Reply to: The Good Germans posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 1:24PM :

It's being made a lot easier because we aren't shown the nasty stuff...and neither were the Germans. After the War, when Eisenhower marched the inhabitants of that village through the crematorium...people were shocked and wept...proclaiming they'd never known, never imagined. And they were could you imagine such a thing? The mayor was so distraught he went home, kissed his kuchen goodbye and hanged himself...a decent thing to do.

Our government learned the dangers of allowing free and informed people, of a free press...learned the lesson well in Vietnam, where nightly news coverage of the bloody war finally turned people against it

We also don't want to know. German concentration camp guards all went crazy at their could you not? How would your average American Mom feel if she spent a day with a family in to know the people...the poor innocent people? How would we feel if we saw actual war footage and not the sanitized stuff the Military lets us see...where did our democracy go...our right to be freely informed and not fed what a government thinks is appropriate...appropriate for what and to whom? Congress is paralyzed with fear because they'll lose their jobs if they are seen to be "soft on Terrorism". That leaves three or four people deciding what the rest of us have to endure, backed of course by zillions of dollars worth of self-interest. This is Democracy?

And the killer is that the United States is under no it never was in Vietnam. This threat has been brought to us courtesy of the people who've struggled mightily for years now to create an enemy for us, one that incidentally owns the second largest reserve of the commodity these same leaders profit from...when not in government. How much more cynnical do we need to get?

As if we're proclaiming to the world, and our children, that even murder...out and out murder...of children no okay when the profits "justify" it. Ultimately this will make life even cheaper in America. Our chickens have been roosting for sometime's no accident that the United States is the Murder Capital of the world...we export it...we create it...and it comes back to our communities and playgrounds and offices.

We aren't only killing the children of other's.

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