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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 8:08PM :

I hate to rat out a guy who welches on a bet but fair is fair. before Father Akbulut made his famous last stand...I said he would take back everything he said...or that he would never repeat the things he was charged with initially.

You said he would not...that he would stick to his principles. Priests HAVE no principles...they have "talking points".

aside: You know, regardless of how you feel it sure as hell is refreshing to turn the tables and start bashing religion. For the last thirty years in America religion has been making a come-back...much to the disgust of many of us who've been too de-moralized to speak we were really going to offend some god up there...or get a cross burned on our lawn. So I say...UP YOURS to all religions...and may the day come soon when we'll be rid of your sanctimonious covering for the same bare naked arse you share with the rest of us...the rest of us who aren't so low down and mean we need to invent gods to approve our dirt.

The worst thing about the Akbulut affair was that it was a phony all the had nothing to do with convictions or courage or even the genocides. It's main attribute was that it presented a starved people with a hero...and in their designation of this kind of a man as a hero...robbed us some more of what little self-respect we have.

Self-righteous people are a dime a dozen...Mavens of Bad taste are a nickel a dozen and you can buy priests by the barrelfull for a few cents. What you can't seem to find at any price are Assyrians worth the name.

-- panchmaster
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