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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, November 18, 2002 at 1:50PM :

In Reply to: It's all a pile of bullsh*t posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, November 18, 2002 at 1:36PM :

Remember too that during the Red Scare...when there was also no threat from anyone...except the people Eisenhower warned us about, the same ones bringing you this war...the government tried, snooped on, robbed, jailed and chased out into exile American citizens whose only crime was exercising their rights AS associate with whom they pleased, read what they chose to, joined what organizations they wished to...not a one of them was any kind of a traitor. Not even Ethel and Julius Rosenberg whom they executed. It wasn't even a question then of being a foreign born American...anyone and everyone was a potential enemy.

This time, the enemy is us. These people have been at war with our Constitution ever since we used it to stop them from completely robbing us blind...working us to death, voting themselves even more wealth, protecting OUR national resources from their rapacious greed...ever since then, they've been gunning for the very soul and essence of what it means to be American...and they've become our heroes!

Go figure.

-- panchmaster
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