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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Monday, November 18, 2002 at 8:31PM :

In Reply to: Are you sure they don't have it posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, November 18, 2002 at 7:27PM :

Not only do they not have it yet...they don't want it...not that way. We didn't want to "win" the Vietnam war...we wanted to lose it for as long as possible. They must not "have" it in any way that makes it obvious they HAVE it. I know it sounds cryptic and like I've gone off the deep end...but why do corporations make those good guy gestures...why bother? Why do newscasters now say..."our prayers are with the victims"? You suppose all this "love" and closure is real?

Why do people pay billions for PR and advertising...why...if not that perceptions and image is everything? You suppose there's a pimple's worth of difference between one toothpaste and another that's worth all the money and time expended on these things?

You can control people best when they're convinced they're free, that they AREN'T being controlled. Ask Americans...they'll EACH tell you they're an "individual" the same exact way. They'll tell you how free they this is the best of all possible worlds and they live in the best country. As their civil liberties are disappearing they'll tell you they live in the freest country ever. They'll tell you the Arab world teaches hatred when they've got hundreds of people locked away with no charges against them...when they're considering military tribunals for civilians...monitoring citizens of suspicious backgrounds...apparently you can NEVER be a true American. Who's been operating a Madrasah of terror at Forst Benning, Georgia for lo these many years...who cries loudly about how they will not forget injuries done to them at the same time they expect others to overlook the injuries done to them? How do people say these things and believe them...without the least qualm...when washed down by tranqs and narcs in this "Just say No To Drugs" country?

Perception is the stock market was perceived to be free and open...and they insist on this nonsense until proven wrong...and are off and running again as soon as they can because they MUST believe their myths or the awful truth will crush them...or worse.

The American people WANT to be fooled...they PLEAD to be hoodwinked...the DCEMAND you tell them fairy tales. Hell most Americans would trade places with any one of the slaves the Sheikhs in Kuwait had in his household in the 50's...they're slaves now for a lot less money, respect and security.

How much more of a drug addles society does this has to many more "disorders" will we many more drugs will be unleashed on us so we can be "normal". How many schools and "educators" have to be caught lying and cheating their way to "excellence" does a society ignore its own children and hope to get anyhwhere you'd want to be.

If you go too far, you expose's a fine balance and they've been honing it now for years.

Don't believe me...wait.

-- panchmaster
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