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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 11:37AM :

I must apologize for that letter to the editor. I meant it as a joke, sort of. I wrote as if I were really an offended reader...and I'm not...that offended.

I think your magazine has taken a definite turn for the better. Especially in the rescent issue. It helps certainly that I wasn't in this one. Shows you can be discriminating.

I was expressing mock exasperation in a primitive way but against real things. I am really sick and tried of reading about Habbaniyeh, but at no time more so than in this last year. I just don't see the relevance of articles about how Wilfred kicked Sargon in the balls when he was really aiming for the ball, back in 1949 or was it '53?

And the fact that several geezers have passed away...we will all do that in no way compares in importance to the nuimbers of young people dying in Iraq, people who will never have the chance to become even middle aged.

I understand the reason to keep it light and not offend your readership. But, just what readership are you aiming at? As much as you might offend your old much more likely is it that you will simply never capture the interest of any of us under 120.

I'm sure in your educational grants you don't allot funds to people who've left college behind them long ago. Where would be the point? You try presumably to make a difference to young people facing the challenge at this moment of their lives.

Well...our young people here and around the world are facing several challenges and I hope your magazine goes further in the direction of appealing to young ways that engage their interests or at the least pummel them with things they OUGHT to take an interest in.

I say this to you because your magazine has evolved and shows signs of intelligent life...because we need such a magazine...need to have hope...need to demonstrate that we're awake to our condition in the world.

Enough with the puff pieces...enough sentimentality. Assyrians today are being conscripted into a battle against their own Homeland...and for no good reason at all. Shouldn't we even be TALKING about these issues?

Anyway...sorry for the crude way I expressed myself...but I was born in Iraq.

-- panchmaster
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