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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 11:50AM :

In Reply to: Amazing:GOP Wins Senate Homeland Bill Fight posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 at 11:36AM :

For the next 25 years just subsitute "Terrorist" for wherever "Communist" used to go...and vice versa. They are interchangeable. Hell you could even use the same articles,,,pluck them from the archives of any newspaper and put in Terrorist where there is Communist.

There were once Communists under every bed...Commies in our schools...Commies infiltrating our borders, Commies in government, "sympathizers" everywhere. Now you can just stick "Terrorist" in the same sentences and you'll be in familiar territory.

All these Commies justified a whole host of changes to the Consitution...most of them just ad hoc...things that were found to be illegal later, things our government apologized for...didn't matter...the money was made by then.

One day we'll declare victory over Terror, just as we did over Communism...when both were just hypes we engineered ourselves. Hypes which nonetheless needed legitimacy so several million poor peasants from Chile to Mosul had to be turned into enemies of ours and murdered.

We have got to get money out of our politics. It can be done, though our very own politicians will fight it the hardest. Right now being a politician is no sweat. No one has to bother being statesmanlike or anything of the kind. Their real job is getting re-elected...getting the money they need and dispensing the favors they owe. How come they don't owe us anything? Because they convince us that corporate interests are the same as our can see how silly that is when you think of Martha Stewart and the boys of Enron and World Com and Fuckthem Com.

Roll on...mighty Mississippi of Bullshit...roll on.

-- panchmaster
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