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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 5:54PM :

In Reply to: "Know Your Rights Statement..." posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 3:52PM :

: ADC Update:
: Know Your Rights Statement to Iraqi-American Community
: In the past few days, several media reports have discussed a possible plan by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to monitor and interview Iraqi-Americans in an effort to identify potential threats to national security.

+++++WOOHOO...over here...interview me PLEASE...I got a lot of in how much oil it will take to shove an al qaida up your arse ...sideways...Republicans buy more sex toys than anybody else.

According to media reports, this plan may involve tracking thousands of Iraqi citizens and Iraqi-Americans. These reports claim that the DOJ plans to begin voluntary interviews of Iraqi members of the Arab-American community asking them to report suspicious activity related to Iraq.

++++Somebody get me their e'mail address...why wait for them to call. I got a lot of suspicious things to how come Bush is president at all when he didn't get the majority vote, and how come the Supreme Court got to decide the election and a whole bunch more...I'm riddled with suspicions!
: The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has received multiple inquiries from Iraqi-American organizations and individuals concerned with the potential use of national origin and/or ethnicity as the sole reason for questioning individuals as potential suspects. If correct, this proposed plan would ethnically profile thousands of individuals, including American citizens, which smacks of guilt by association and the incrimination of an entire ethnic population.

+++Go downtown and tell a Brother all about it. Terrible ain't it? And here you thought this really was Disneyland.

+++If we Darkies were smart, there's an moronic ox for you, we'd band together, embrace all of our differences...then we'd put monuments of Haroun al Rashid, Suleyman the Magnificent, Shumirum (ahem), Omar Khyyam, Khalil Gibran and Mother Hubbards evil Persian cat all over the place...and we'd dare the honkies you're all looking to for challenge us, and we'd use the glorious Constitution to smash 'em with.

But you won't...just grease your lips a little more get out the knee pads..."golly gee mister...I really am American...I'll HATE whoever you tell me to". It's OUR country too damn's an emmigrant land, a land of land theives who all stole over here one way or the other. This thing is as much about White Supremacy as it is anything else. Fuck Whites...or better yet, give them a dose of what they've been dishing out for so long. Well...Ash-fucking-croft...what more does a person bron in Iraq have to do? You Putz from where...Texas???
: ADC emphasizes to members of the Iraqi-American community and the Iraqi-immigrant community that equal protection and due process rights are afforded to everyone, including non-citizens, in the United States. ADC would also like to advise anyone who is contacted by law enforcement authorities concerning this matter of:
: 1) The right not to answer questions without the presence of an attorney.

++++Okay okay...but I can't afford one now and all I have to deal with is lawsuits by enemy Armenians.
: 2) The absolute discretion whether to submit to any voluntary interview.
: 3) The absolute discretion in selecting the date, time, and location of any voluntary interview as well as who may attend the interview and what questions to answer during such a voluntary interview.
: Additional useful know your rights information may be obtained by reviewing the legal services section of the ADC website at
: ADC urges anyone who is contacted by federal authorities concerning this matter to report the incident to ADC by calling (202) 244-2990 or via email to

+++Okay, Okay...I'll do it just as soon as they call...where the fuck are they...can't they see what a danger I am? Hell I'm already THE troublemaker of the Assyria in its Diapers...Ashcroft tried to French Kiss me....Bush groped my pants...Jackie AND Mrs Bush tried to gang rape me...Jeb Bush goes down on Madeleine Albright...what more can I do...I am a threat to the United States...I don't fool easy, I'm foul as hell...and I'd never kill anyone's child for much MORE depraved do I have to be?

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