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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 9:58PM :

In Reply to: Re: How To Be Safely Iraqi posted by bruised sankho from ( on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 6:38PM :

: : Criticize the government of Bush him an asshole regularly...dare the FBI to pick you up for questioning...cuss everybody in sight...and do it all night and day in the most public ways you can.

: : What sort of an agent would do that?

: : On the famous other hand...try to be friendly...supportive, shove several US flags up your arse...and you'll never be trusted..."why is he so he trying to trick us"?

: >>>>Ha! The latter method works fine for the "Iraqi Iraqis".... and Syrians. Every Bathy citizen has a huge picture of their president on every shop front, car window, house window, public wall... so many Bathy flags shoved up THEIR rear-ends you'd need a giant colonic lavage to wash them out.

+++There you go again...comparing us to the worst...naturally we're going to look better. Compared to a butcher I suppose you have a more deft touch. Congratulations.

: The state police really are stupid there: it DOES deflect suspicion. I wouldn't be surprised if the agents thought it'd work in the US.

+++Whether or not something "works" isn't the only measure. A high colonic will also cause you to change your clothes...there must be better ways to achieve that.

: Let's face it, the Americans do so much so well; no WONDER they clean up in the East.

+++Americans did a lot of things well...that's why it's so sad to see them trashing themselves. When you're very very rich it takes longer to squander your inheritance. In what ways are we so much better? Because we kill those who stand in our way...because we have no health care for so many, because our schools are in shambles, because we still can't deal humanely with the horror of our recent slave dealing past...because we've been in constant warfare for decades and decimated South America and then Asis and now the Mideast...just what is it that impresses you so much about what we're doing NOW? These turkeys couldn't build a clubhouse in a tree...all they're doing is dismantling what was built by their betters.

-- panchmaster
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