Outrage over MP's call to ban Muslim dress

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Posted by Tiglath from 196.a.005.mel.iprimus.net.au ( on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 at 10:09PM :

November 21 2002

NSW MP Reverend Fred Nile today defended his call for Muslim women to be banned from wearing
traditional dress in public places.

The Christian Democrat MP has sparked a fiery reaction by urging the government to consider banning
women from wearing the chador in public, saying the loose clothing could be used to conceal weapons.

High-profile public places like the Sydney Opera House and major shopping centres were prime targets,
Rev Nile said, adding it would be idiotic to ignore that weapons could be concealed under such

"It is not a fairy tale, it just occurred in Moscow where six women wearing chador coverings also were
carrying explosives and were prepared to blow up the theatre and kill seven or eight hundred people,"
Rev Nile said.

"I suppose again a terrorist could be wearing an overcoat, but it would be a bit unusual walking in the
middle of summer into the Opera House with an overcoat on.

"I'd certainly regard that as a suspicious activity."

He also said the call did not amount to racial or religious intolerance because governments and not
religion required Muslim women to wear the coverings.

"They shouldn't be able to wear it in public places," he said.

"If they wish to wear it at the mosque, if they wish to wear it at home, walking down the street in Lakemba
or Auburn, that's a different matter."


-- Tiglath
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