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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 12:17PM :

The argument that you have to respect the office if not the man, and therefore an idiot like Bush should be treated as if he wasn't...seems odd when you're talking about the most powerful man on THERE's a scary thought.

Would you show respect for the office of chief surgeon if you knew the man or woman got the job the way Bush got his? Would you put your kid under his knife just because you didn't want to besmirch the office, by laughing at the doctor trying to fill the post? A doctor as incompetant to be one as Bush is to be president? A doctor who slept his way through college and Medical school, a doctor who was a cheerleader at Yale, wiggling his arse in front of the football team? Who got where he got because his daddy paid his way...a surgeon who got his job by spending millions to get it...who became the laughingstock of all those he couldn't get onto his operating table.

All the respect in the world wont turn Bush into a silk purse...and trying to pretend he's competant let alone more than a moron, only hurts our own health and our children's well being.

You don't fool your taste buds any by slurping shit instead of ice cream...some things can't be disguised and it's far healthier all around if you don't do violence to yourself by trying to.

-- panchmaster
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