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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 5:24PM :

Hundreds of people paid to watch a German doctor perform an an Art Gallery.

Every time I think it's safe to go outside...some enterprising person figures out a new way to sharpen that infamous Cutting Edge.

It's dull...the Edge, I mean. So is the Art, so are the artists...but the really brain-dead people are the members of the audience...all of them.

An artist comes from the people...his or her challenge is to not be too much LIKE the people...but understand them well enough to know what might speak to them...even if at times it shouts in a strident voice.

Could I make sculpture a Martian would appreciate...maybe. I feel like a Martian often...or like I'm on another planet.

Van Gogh and others spoke in a voice few people were primed to hear. Within 100 years his one painting sold for 82 million...the most ever for a painting...and people line up all night and day to see his paintings, among many others no one had time for while the artist was alive and could have used a square meal.

The killer is you never know if you are going to be irrelevant...or are bound for glory after your death.

I'm gonna go out believing I'll be appreciated some day...I mean to where I could have afforded to live and work. Got to stay positive. Can't wait to die.

-- pancho
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