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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 8:23AM :

In Reply to: Re: First Assyrian Youth Federation in Holland posted by Assyrian4Life from ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 8:14AM :

: Is that everything you can say????
: HAHAHHAHHAHAHAH i thought a normal reaction/discussion could be possible, but i guess not.....

+++I love it when these guys get "disappointed" in you. When they say..."is that all you have to say, I thought you would do better, sorry guess not."

+++If anything goes on around here it's discussions. Like the long ones I've been having everywhere they wouldn't ban me and slam their doors shut. Just now there's one going on between Sankho and I...and there could be just as long a one with anyone else...even this turkey.

+++It isn't discussion these guys's agreement. They want praise for what they consider significant achievements...usually built around the fact that we TALK ABOUT IT A LOT.

+++Maybe it's an age thing. Not being a Yoot anymore...I'm not that impressed to learn that several Assyrian groups are coming together to form another group. Been there...heard that.

+++What WOULD be impressive would be if the young ones would stop sounding like the old farts... simply doing it at a younger age.

+++Turns out the new farts can't talk about anything, or handle not being stroked and petted any better than the old farts. A farts a fart.

-- pancho
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