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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 4:55PM :

In Reply to: Re: Here YOU Come Again! posted by sankho from ( on Friday, November 22, 2002 at 4:42PM :

: No, silly, I was reffering to the Syriac people..........

+++As opposed to what?

+++The people of Iraq are not Arabs

+++The people of Iraq have inherited all of the history and treasure and culture of all the people who ever lived in that region.

+++The people of Iraq are Christian and Muslim and probably a few other things. That doesn't change their nationality.

+++We have no measures for being a "true" American...any more than we have for being a "pure" Assyrian. The Modern World...that modern one you like so much that brought us Holocausts and pogroms and camps also...recognizes citizens to be people who further the goals of the country they live in. They do NOT require blood purity...unless they are Fascists....ahem.

+++Talking never made a surgeon. A medic can be all the medic he wants to be...if he stands idly by, even with a neon sign flashing MEDIC over his head...but refuses to help people...who cares what he's what he does that matters.

+++Criticize Iraq all you want to...criticize the United States or Australia all you want to...what you CAN'T do, while maintaing you are Australian or American or go over to another side and bomb the shit out of your country...even though you believe you have its best interests at heart...just can't do it...not if you are an Aborigine who doesn't like the fact that you are a second class citizen in your stolen homeland...or you are an Afro-American pissed at having had your ancestors kidnapped and raped and murdered...and not if you are a Christian Iraqi who believes Iraq should do what none of the free and democratic countries will do...give anything "back" to anyone...or forgive anyone for siding with the enemies of the country.

-- pancho
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