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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 9:02AM :

Somewhere out there Aristotle said..."to pass lightly from old laws to new ones is a certain means to weakening the inmost essence of all law whatever".

That's telling us. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution was also passed in panic and haste. The War Powers Act just strehgthened one-man rule. Congress gave away its obligation, under that pesky Constitution of ours, to behave like responsible representatives of the people...instead of shills and hucksters for corporations. And now they don't even bother with the middlemen, now the corporate types have become the politicians...writing laws that facilitate their thefts.

We just made another huge boner with the Homelands Screwing Act and Patriots Act and Scared Shitless Act. None of it would have happened without 9/11.

Sometimes people have to be sacrificed for profit...they're tossed out onto the streets regularly...whole communities are what's the big deal with a little death and destruction...if it makes us Shtronger? And what makes for strength to a capitalist? Why more unrestricted means to profit...and you'll get some crumbs too...don't worry.

Do you have any idea how much "good" has already come from that "unfortunate" incident on 9/11? Hell it WOULD take something like that...AND stealing the White House to transform Bush from a full blown Moron to an advanced Idiot. You can't make Godzilla from a lizard without a nuclear explosion of some considerable magnitude...hell even Guiliani got resurrected.

No "reported" attack in a bay far away would have sufficed this time. This time we needed something direct...something everyone could see and smell and feel. People who think this is preposterous...are the same ones who felt a President would NEVER lie to get us into a war in which 58,000 Americans would die for nothing...not to mention three million Vietnamese...mostly children and young adolescents. These things aren't "for nothing". When our surplus disappears in three know some one is getting a great big deal of SOMETHING.

You'd think the tip of the iceberg we glimpsed with the Enrons and WorldComs, remember those (they were all of 60 days ago)...would have made us suspicious...would have provided that peek behind the Dorothy got of the Wizard...and it DID. But we've been worried sick over Iraq of all things. In all the years of the Sanctions Iraq hasn't been able to do anything to anyone...can't even attack the northern end of their own country...and they are a threat?

Israel created Hamas...then reacted in shock...SHOCK when it went "rogue". The Taliban and Al Qaida are just as much of an American the Bogeymen your parents tell you about to make you behave. Having helped create it we aren't about to destroy it. The focus shifted to Iraq because there's no threat at all there, and it's oh so easy to get us salivating in any direction they point us.

People vote their opressors and murderers into power over is never a coup. Ask the Germans.

-- pancho
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