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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 1:26PM :

In Reply to: Re: 'Inspections or Not, We'll Attack Iraq' posted by sankho from ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 11:48AM :

: WElcome back Andreas....

+++ Thanks for the welcome.

: you, like me, have come back from therapy.

+++ No, in my case it's quite the other way round:
It's right here where I usually come back to for a refreshing respite.

But exactly what therapy have you been on?

: This sanction and war stuff is all such old news.... as if the war has ANYTHING TO DO with the UN and WMD and inspections....

+++ Pardon?

+++ The news is neither "old" in the sense of "past" or "by-passed"- which hundred thousands to million(s) of soon to be slaughtered Iraqi victims plus their Western cannon-fodder liberators would clearly prefer - nor is this "old" in the sense of "all too well known":
It's crucial to hunt down, to identify and debunk the propaganda manoeuvres by catching the lying spinners red-handed .... and to spread word about it.

+++ E.g. you think the UK Mirror article and/or the "Prince of Darkness" Perle's stunts are known in the USA?

+++ Why you think Yonnadam Kanna ADM dares to trod out (in the latest Zinda) the official propaganda claim of existing Iraqi WMDs with all the inspection nonsense implied?

+++ If e.g you had sparked a public discussion among Assyrians on those proved US lies that miserable manipulator Y. Kanna wouldn't have it such an easy way to dupe and prod his fellow Assyrians into American designs.

+++ Given the catastrophic state of desinformation of the collective Assyrian mind everything should be done to unplug all the spinning which is entangling their minds and prevent them from making informed judgments and decisions.

+++ In think Pancho with his uncomparable charme has it fully right here. Wish there would be more of his calibre (yes, also among us Germans ...)

+++ And re: "... as if the war has ANYTHING TO DO with the UN and WMD and inspections...."

+++ In the end - no, of course not.
But UN, WMDs and inspections issues are important constituents of this unfolding drama: even if they're only for abuse, outright inventions and/or propaganda and manipulating devices.

+++ Whatever, but all that has to be pinned down, clarified & corrected. Enlightment would be not too great a term for this challenge. A lot of work is still to be done. Everywhere, also among Assyrians.

+++ As to yourself: Check the stuff, evaluate and if it'll qualify in your eyes don't hesitate to avail yourself of this info ammunition in any forthcoming dispute.

+++ But leaning back in a passive retreat, pampering oneself with some general cynical world formulas of a know all attitude is simply irresponsible:
1) One surely doesn't know all niceties; some would even lie scaringly beyond one's entrenched thinking patterns, out of reach and grasp
2) Even if it ever were so: ACTION & TIME is of essence and questions demand answers:
Eg. 1)What does that all mean for Assyrians? ....... n) What proactive and precautionary stance is to be taken.

BTW: Any political-cultural-social concept for the Assyrian minority in sight?

-- andreas
-- signature .

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