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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 1:42PM :

In Reply to: Rough Beast posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 11:58AM :

These Ascroft boys are cute. The FBI is "scolding" field offices for not taking this threat seriously enough...for not getting out there and pounding the pavement in search of Commun...strike that, Terrorists.

Thas funny. They tracked them Saudi boys all over Europe, even had a room mate informer living with them...then lost them in the dots when they got to America...and signed up for flight training, minus landings and take-offs, school.

Standing around with their dicks in their hands they said they needed even MORE money, "gosh" and a whole other behemoth...and they needed new laws, and they needed new equipment and they needed less scrutiny, less things holding them back so they could get the job done for us...and we gave it all to them.

Now that they have the tools they want to turn us into the most awesome tyranny the world has ever that they have the extra money and means and no obstacles really...they SCOLD themselves for not going out there and usuing this stuff on us.

As Doc says, if you're clean, you have nothing to worry about...indeed you should be GRATEFUL that they're protecting you so.

In Germany the Jews were glad to see Gypsies and other riff-raf plucked off the streets...the bums deserved it...what did a hard working law abiding citizen, even if he was a Jew, have to worry about? Didn't the constitution of the Weimar Republic respect all persons under the Law...wasn't the Kaiser gone...wasn't it a democratically elected government...mein herr?

Well naturally you would pick first on the group most universally despised...get the nation acting "as one"...United We Stand. Then you change the laws...not to get the Gypsies, you already got get the next group...and by the time everyone woke up to who that group was...hello Bergen Belsen.

Last of all Hitler got his own people. Well actually he just set them up...broke down laws and cleared the country of its defenders by getting them killed all around the world, till there were only boys and old men left...pissing a lot of other people off in the that when the end came...those dreaded inferior Slavic beasts marched right into Berlin and fucked every German boy and girl and grandmother they could lay their pricks on.

That was Hitler's ultimate target...his own people. Only he got the one group they hated most to do it for him...he was gone by then. Another "Shtrongman".

Ultimately there IS justice in the world. We would be the only country and empire in the world to not suffer more in the end than any of the people we designate as enemies when we're riding roughshod over everyone because no one has yet managed to match us in inhumanity and barbarism...but they will...they'll take the lesson to heart and better the instruction. You can take that to the bank.

note: If I should all a sudden disappear and you should get a note here from a member of my family asking if anyone knows where I am...look for me in Guantanamo. First me...then you. Unless of course you are of the VERY good German which case you can stick around and suffer every single indignity and torment that will come your way for being among the "chosen" now.

-- pancho
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