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Posted by pancho from pool0368.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 7:03PM :

In Nigeria the Muslims went ape shit when some journalist said, in response to criticsms of the flesh pageant of the Miss World Tits show...that Muhammad wouldn't have minded, in fact he would probably have chosen a wife from among the contestants. Odd, isn't it...Muslims in life are puritanical like them old Prophets of the them Old Testicles...but their heaven is supposed to be where they let it all hang loose...obviously something was lost in the Christian translation.

They've killed over a hundred Muslims and Christians over there for that one comment...naturally this helps make Islam look looney toons. You could also say it serves people right for pushing and pushing Muslims aganist a wall for years now.

As silly as we think Islam may be...imagine what Muslims must make of a religion that claims to have had the son of god...the same god of the Jews, Christians and Muslims...come down to earth and then be hounded to death by his own father. A people who insisted that a gentle young man must die for their sins...before they can be cleansed...of every disgusting thing they ever did. Though I don't notice any reduction in whoredoms and fornications since then. You guys need ANOTHER victim?

And to top it all off...never mind the question of just how a god dies anyway...and if he doesn't really die, then what was the point...just to torture the man? On top of it all come these kinds of people's idea of worship...where they gather once a week to eat the body of their god and drink his blood. If you're going to choose a symbolic act...why not have them eat flowers and drink cool water...why bodies and blood?

To a Muslim this is the grossest sort of blasphemy...a religion of Cannibals fer chrissakes!

To a Muslim, the prophets of the Old and New Testicles are all holy men, meant to be venerated. Just as Christians respect Moses but love Jesus...so do Muslims respect Moses AND Jesus, reserving their special love for Muhammad. Coming at the end...and seeing their beginnings to be at the same source...Muslims naturally respect all those who went before.

Coming first, and being murderously jealous and exclusive, Jews dislike Christians and Muslims. Coming in the Middle, Christians hate everybody. They despised Jews for centuries for rejecting the Messiah...and they hated Muslims for presuming that their Prophet came to clear things up.

Muslims could have a field day if they were as rude and inconsiderate as Christians...they could make fun of Jesus no end...as we knock Muhammad and ridicule and misrepresent him constantly. But Muslims don't do that...when did you hear any Muslim on TV since 9/11 who mocked Jesus or his religion?

They would never do such a thing because the very core of their religion demands they show respect. That could be part of the reason Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States and why these white boys have taken off after it.

All you hear from Muslims is, peace be unto Jesus and Abraham and Moses. All you get from Christians and Jews are insults towards Muhammad and his followers.

No...I am not Muslim...neither am I any of the other Jew based religions. I like good people...I don't care where they come from...but I especially respect the religion that admonishes its followers to respect other religions...instead of blaming them for murders and whoredoms that can ONLY be found in real abundance in those Old Testicles...the "Hustler" of its day.

So...how do YOU like it when your pet religion is insulted? That's how Muslims feel.

-- pancho
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