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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 8:34AM :

We're getting down to the nits and grits. Received a petition for summary judgement from the lawyers we're all paying to defend the Jackster and the rest of them. They obviously have not been up front with their lawyers...told them only what they feel the guys have to know. Their only hope is to get this thing tossed before we get to court...cause they would trip all over themselves trying to keep their stories alive.

The thing hinges on the invitation to Jackie's convention...they claim also that I was the source of the trouble at the Chicago convention, that I was the reason the cops were called etc...and they simply didn't want a repeat. Naturally I'm not about to spill the beans here right now.

It's easy for them to lie now...the lawyer just takes down what they say and shakes his head at what a creep I was...same thing they've been doing all along...telling only their side and making sure I can't get mine told anywhere.

I remember now how disgusted people were when the Federation took a sharp turn away from its normal practises. Since 1978, I've been one of the guest speakers at the banquets about six I was at Jackie's state convention. I was always allowed to discuss the monuments, tell people about them..but I was told never to solicit donations from the podium...that they didn't want to hit people up, put them on the spot, when they were there to eat a rubber chicken and have a "good time".

I remember when all that changed, and Sargon Lewie changed it. For the first time ever he actually stood in front of the banquet, at the podium and asked right then and there for money to be collected for ZOWAA. He was always followed around by the usual thugs from ZOWAA. As a matter of fact they tried to get me to introduce them to Helen. You could see it in their could see that they had their speeches all ready about the suffering poor in Iraq, about our GRATNESS and how they needed money to do whatever it is they do. They were so full of themselves they didn't see the dollar signs in their eyes, but I could.

That first time in Chicago, I think it was, I sat at a back table with Lincoln Tamraz who'd been president himself before, waiting for my turn to go speak. He shook his head from disgust as people got up and left in increasing numbers while Sargon called out, "and Mr Ramin Rukhtapolitos pledges $35.00 for ZOWAA", only he called it , "for BetNahrain"!

Just what was the Federation doing raising money for a Christian Militia...and why this one over any other one? This is clearly a violation of their charter and the basis on which they were given their tax-exempt status. The Federation leadership has been taken over by people of the most tawdry political ambitions...starting with Sargon...and it goes on to this day.

Another part of my response I can use affadavits from witnesses. And we have photos of ZOWAA members in Iraq holding their darling rifles. This thing has ramifications none of these turkeys understands...all they understand is leading the Assrin People in their spare time...after they come home from the job that really counts, the one they make money at...until the day they can make being Assyrian pay...which is what they think I figured out how to do.

If I can just get these people into court, I believe they will shoot themselves in the foot with the jury.

I am trying to do it the legal and proper way...if that fails, I don't give up...just shift tactics. Their position is shot full of holes

-- pancho
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