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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 10:41AM :

In Reply to: Re: WOW!!! posted by Tiglath from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 8:31AM :

: >> No they support the Assyrian Aid Society which is a non-profit organisation that conducts humanitarian work in North Iraq. The ADM gets its support from ADM branches around the world.

The Federation plegded $5000 once to AAS...then refused to hand over...Sargon had to go and personally deliver it to Iraq. I wouldn't believe what they tell you too much. The prey on idealistic Yoots.

+++ I'm sure our leeders think they've covered their tracks on this. The link between AANF and ZOWAA ia quite just mentioned it in your above post. These guys are playing in a game run by experts...real ones.

: As for the guards all the political groups have been assigned protection by the regional government paid for by them.

+++This still begs the question. ADM is a political group...SOMEONE was getting the money raised by Sargon and hand delivered by him to Iraq. I myself was approached by Sargon and the Seven Hoods eager to meet money people they thought could help them do what? Do you not see how our usual nonsense will play outside of this Grat Nayshun? Why do you suppose these guys assiduously avoid the limelight? Our squabbles and stupidities are infamous. I realize you have made personal contact with these people..and like all of us, wish to support the "best we have". But I say these people are NOT the best we have...or could have. And that's the key for us...because we've seen what the "best" we've had have been capable of...and these guys are just the best of the WORST we have. Not at all the same thing as the best...and without setting our sights higher we are doomed once again.

+++I was the best we had as far as sculpture goes...I was the one who got something done for us. The AANF, before it was infested with these goons, gave $20,000 to these sculpture projects...and now I find myself being stopped and then sued by it. But this is another AANF...this is one that has been hijacked and is being put to use by one faction of our religious dimwits.

+++Ms Menchaveza was not the best we have...not by a long shot. She was more palatable because she was easy to manipulate...didn't say things she shouldn't...didn't know these people for years...didn't care to speak and write...just "pot".

+++The best we have is a direct threat to these leaders in their Diapers. It's a pity...but you're going to be asked increasingly to leave behind the best part of YOU in order to continue a "friend" to them. You'll see.

: >>> you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here Fred.

++++Not at all...I'm getting close to the nerve. Why else would calls have come from north Iraq to Detroit. These people abhor excellance...or even competance. That's why we've managed to scare away those who really would be our best. If you go to Assyrians such as these and say, "I have a son who can be a world calss tennis player, help us help our people"...they will scoff at you and send you away...convinced you're just as venal and opportunistic as they are. If you come to them and say, "help me, I am a miskeena and the Muslims raped me and burned down my roof because I LOVE JESUS" will be far more likely to get their attention.

In the one case they're helping you to live just well enough so you'll be a constant miskeena...evidence of the perfidy of Islam and I suppose the love of Jesus. In the other case you will be raising the standard of excellence too high for might even inspire that miskeena to do something more for his life or his children's lives than be a spitoon for the lord.

+++I'm afraid they're the ones that were found in the bottom of a barrel someplace...or three pots. Not me baby...not me.


: >>> You can say that again. Go and pull thee wings off of a few butterflys.

+++I will take that as a joke. But it's interesting nonetheless. I'm living proof of what I claim to be our case. There was no good reason for the AANF to turn on me...none at all. If they are the people you think they are they never would have pulled the painting from that show...for no leader of ours COULD be offended by a painting...not if he was a leader of any promise.

+++I'm the one got my wings pulled off...I and my children. No, no friend. They are adept at getting you where you live...they know how to tug your heartstrings...they'll pull YOUR wings before they're through...and never faster than when you get close to really making a difference for us. So long as you serve their interests, you'll be loved and honored.

+++You'd think you guys would look around a bit and see how these tactics are being used on us by others...and how we use them against ourselves.

-- pancho
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