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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 11:00AM :

In Reply to: Oh, Your Sublime Assyrianness: ????? posted by andreas from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 3:56AM :

: : So Andreas, Nimrod Beito couldn't answer me. Perhaps you can help us out. What is APP's policy on Syriac immersion schools?

++++Where does it matter a rat's ass?

++++There you guys go again...this is all petty jealousy bullshit...the same stuff that got so many of killed and continues to divide us. What religion are you...what sub-sect was your paternal you speak Syriac Tyriac or Myriac...are you Otholoyo, Molomoyo, it west syriac, east frangolin or northeat muncnkinland. Give it, and us all...a break!

+++What difference does it make who speaks what...or if any of us speak whatever language you each push? You care what it says on our tombstone?

++++How many Jews in America who support Israel speak Hebrew? What does it matter anyway? You want to learn the language...go ahead...there are books and programs...the language is this friggin Christianity of yours is.

+++What is in danger are the ancestral lands and treasures of the Assyrians and everyone else who was born in that Cradle.

+++These party boys and petty factions are tearing us apart...all you've done is pick the one you happen to like...the same thing everyone else is doing...and the beat goes on.

+++I say fuck them all...they are part of the problem...not the solution. All ZOWAA has done is push itself to the top of the heap...with funding from the AANF and others in this country. Having won the "Nonsense-a-thon" is hardly a qualification in itself. I have no doubt there are good and decent young people doing the grunt work for ZOWAA and doubt at fact that's the first thing they all need...dopey but good hearted recruits...the United States Marines need the same thing.

-- pancho
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