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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 11:26AM :

He was at the rally in San Hosed when I brought the Western World to its knees by asking John Nimrod why he's been blocking the installation of the Shumirum Monument for six years.

Later he told someone that I make things, "too personal". Like most of these guys they never have to explain anything...just make the comment and go to the next fundraiser.

I'm afraid there are a whole host of interesting questions to be asked of these guys and their supporters here in the US. And that is just what I plan to do.

The AANF has changed its policies drastically in the past few years...especially where it involved fundraising for spite of what Tiglath says, this is what they have been can make an alphabet soup of all those groups if you want to...fools only fools. Why the change? And why the one time change that allowed them to freeze me out? Why the lies from Atour Golani about kick-backs and the rest of it.

ZOWAA interjected itself into this lawsuit by offering to fix it for us...from Iraq no less. Apparently the Whacki Rabbi of Iraqi reads here...or Jackie called him to ask for his intervention. he even contacted Narsai to seek his "advice". Jackie's way of operating to the letter...intimidating people as she has done.

What are these people really doing? And never mind with your factions that are west syriac and not north tyriac...I'm sick and tired of the lot of you...sick to death, which is just about where we are as a living breathing Heritage, not an addlepated religious sub sect of a sub sect crying out for recognition and verification and food stamps.

I'll recognize, in this order, Iraqi, for obvious the fucking MAP! Then Assyrian, Chaldean, Babylonian and anyone else who wants to join.

The first one to give me a headache over dialects and language gets a raw egg ...followed closely by anyone who brings up ANY religion.

I am no longer so primitive that I want to play these silly games. I don't care what religion you are...I'll even overlook that fact that Assyrians dumped Ashur because Yahweh wasn't 'that different"...and besides the benefits were better.

That's just me...the rest of you are free to do what you will. But there is a good reason I was barred from the convention and am banned by these other forums...and it has nothing to do with swearing or being a troublemaker.

-- pancho
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