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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 6:35PM :

In Reply to: Lawsuit posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 6:00PM :

In my written and oral agument I am going to insert this last paragraph of the ADM statement about its stated mission.

We, the Assyrian Democratic Movement, promise our Assyrian-Chaldean nation that we shall remain faithful to our principles and political path which we have taken since the establishment of the movement, who’s noble and immortal martyrs contributed to erect its pillars. We will endeavour to strengthen the relations of our people with the fraternal Kurdish nation. We will safeguard our national agenda with all the fraternal nationalities in Iraq, Arab, Kurd and Turkmen and with all the patriotic factions regardless of their ideology for a free democratic Iraq.

Central Committee
Assyrian Democratic Movement
This is not the kind of "cultural or educational" agency the Tax laws of the United States grant any non-profit to fund.

Plenty of Assyrians have reacted in disgust and anger and then disinterest in the recent shift of emphasis the AANF took with Sargon Lewie and his successors.

Supporting Assyrian public monuments in this country satisfies the very reasons the AANF was formed for far better...and it was certainly what the government had in mind when it granted it non-profit status.

No non-profit is supposed to engage in politics...certainly not by raising money for these groups in Iraq. At the convention in San Jose, Narsai David, president of the AAS, was not invited as a guest...rather Rabi Whacki from Iraqi was...and he is in ZOWAA not the AAS.

I have no beef with ZOWAA per se. It was Jackie who criticized Narsai constantly for being involved with AAS and north Iraq...that's when Father Benny's buns were firmer. When I asked her if Narsai could speak before her state convention in 95 about the work of the AAS...she was hesitant and agreed only if he refrained from mentioning ZOWAA.

Then, miracles do happen...she called me a few years later and breathlessly related how Rabi Whacki had personally called on her... flattered her up one side and down another...had lunch with her, breakfast with her...told her that she was the one...that's he'd heard SO much about her...that from then on she was to be his eyes and ears and whatever other organ was needed for the cause...and she LOVED it and ate it up like it wasn't bullshit. Since that day she's shifted her interest to Iraq...don't say patriotism doesn't work.

They don't get it...they are swimming in waters that are deep...not the shallow end they're used to playing in. They have no business using AANF money to defend themselves...this was a personal thing between Jackie and I...into which she dragged everyone else.

If Atour had a half a ball between him he wouldn't have stood for what she's done already. The poor idiot wasn't even given a suite at the convention...and had to go down and fight with the management...tell them that he was the presdient goddamn it and they should at least give him a room with an alcove where he could receive dignitaries...meanwhile Jackie and her people reserved the top suites for themselves, complete with daily free brunches for all, except the president...and guess who paid for it all?

Then they come at you with how much they do for us all! It's how much WE do for them all that keeps them coming back again and again.

-- pancho
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