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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, November 25, 2002 at 11:22PM :

In Reply to: Re: This Boy Has Gone Bonkers posted by sankho from ( on Monday, November 25, 2002 at 8:31PM :

: ++++Arabs are from Arabia...Assyrians are from Iraq...and a few other Muslim nations.

: Why then, why, a million times why, does the government of Iraq insist that there be only one ETHICITY, not religion,not language, ETHNICITY - ie Arab - in Iraq?

+++For the same reason everyone wants to be American here. This country hasn't been here long enough to have a real ethnic identity, and I doubt if in today's world it will make any sense much longer...and good thing too. I wish people would see themselves as one ethnic people of ONE WORLD.

++++Iraq is a country under attack since combined forces of the most powerful nations on earth. We were attacked ONCE by some guys and we went to pick a fight with Afghanistan...and now that other World Power...Iraq!

+++If in this country now they are poised to harrass non-whites and justify it based on ONE all out history...why can't you understand that Iraq has every reason to want to have their people identify themselves as ONE people... because there is security in numbers...with the rest of the Arab speaking world.

+++Quit farting around for the fun of it...I can make fun of anything you believe too...takes no brains...and you ARE good at it.

Yeah, they embrace other religions, but only under an "Arab" context. Only under enormous pressure from another ethnic group, the Kurds, was it then KIND OF ok to add Kurdish.

++++I know nothing of this and can't speak to it directly. You can bet your sweet arse that America and Australia would behave in even worse ways if they were faced with attacks for 100 years and more aimed at destabilizing their people and government.

: And don't tell me it's because the "Assyrians" are enemies of the State colluding with the divisive nasties in the West..

++++They are....look at them in the United States. You suppose John Walker Lindh was REALLY a threat to the United States???

-- pancho
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