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Posted by sankho from ? ( on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 1:31AM :

: although having said that, most of our ancestors WERE Christian for the last couple of millenia...

++++No they weren't...the majority of them were Muslims...you just can't sustain the argument that all the Muslims of Iraq are Arabs from Arabia. And it doesn't change your ethnicity if you change religions, neither to Christianity nor to Islam. And what you call yourself and what you talk about and what you cry over is nowhere near as important as what you do.

>>> Sure, sure, YOU can tell the A-rabs of Iraq that they are Assyrians in an A-rab's dish-dasha, but millions of them will just shrug their shoulders and say they're A-rabs. Like this cute old man I ran into in Sogmatar in Turkey, the bit where many people speak Arabic and consider themselves A-rab remnants of the A-rab civilsation.

Sogmatar is a village which still has a large number of non-Christian Assyrian sun and moon worshipping temples, all covered in Estrangelo.... they were crafted A.D. not B.C. This old Arab in a crisp white dish-dasha scurried over to me as I was drooling over the Estrangelo and taking pictures of moon-worshipping pagan priests. He proudly pointed to the writing and said 'Arabi! Arabi!' My translator came to the rescue and said he is telling us this is A-rab writing...

Huh? I said

Yes yes Arabi he said.

But I can read this, this is Estrangelo, Assyrian writing! Can you read it?

No of course not, but this is Arabi... erm, just funny ...looking ... Arabi ... he said twisting his head from side to side and squinting at the beautiful Estrangelo.

I never did see any of Saddam's Bathys in Turkey, Tiglath, trying to Arabise the Turkish Arabs... they just ARE Arabs in an Arab's dish-dasha.... just like most of the ones in Iraq will squint at the Estrangelo and tell you 'it's Arabi!'...

.... you are what you believe you are, not what YOU think people think they are.

-- sankho
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