Botched job. Gravest mistakes ...

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Posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 7:38AM :

In Reply to: Sum-up posted by Tiglath from ( on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 1:58AM :

Tiglath, Tiglath ...

Take off thy Blinders!

Where have you come down to!

You botched the job. Gravest mistakes.

Here the details:

: Conclusion
: ==========
: 1. was registered by "Quasha" Emmanuel Youkhana of the
APP, as originally stated.

+++ That it seems is the only correct info.

: 2. Andreas Mueller Schmidt paid for the URL or allowed them to use his
credit card as originally stated.

+++ 1) A minor aspect for a warm up:
Where and by whom was "originally stated" that "Andreas Mueller Schmidt paid for the URL or allowed them to use his
credit card"?
You babbled only about some obscure help I am alledged to have lent to APP in making their website.
Not even consistency in your allegations.

+++ 2) Much more important:
There is NO "Andreas Mueller Schmidt" at all.
There is NO single data in the WHOIS info supporting such a nonsense.
The WHOIS data have only a certain "Andreas Mueller".

You simply cobbled together that fictive name by inserting my name (Schmidt) only to fit your purposes!

+++ Furthermore:
My Name is "Andreas Schmidt", not "Andreas Mueller".

Check out: The guy by the name of "Andreas Mueller" is mentioned in the bill section and ... he is obviously affiliated to the
"bill-c-organization: Schlund + Partner AG" which is the HOSTMASTER (!): "tech-c-firstname: Hostmaster,
tech-c-lastname: SCHLUND, tech-c-organization: Schlund + Partner AG"

(a bit repetitive in order to drive the point home and into your skull):

That means a) all billing operation are run via that Andreas Mueller.
He seems to be Schlund's financial officer who is officially billed for - yes, for what? For a website?
NO! For the domains he or his org offers on the market and he is billed for that by another organization or whatever else.

This bill section of the WHOIS data does NOT name the private person being billed for a rented domain/website (e.g. Youkhana or APP)but the person/organization who/which is billed for taking and offering domains as a HOSTMASTER/PROVIDER.

For the APP website ONLY the REGISTRANT (=Youkhana) is billed or any other person he might have indicated.
The registrant is automatically the person billed for a website and therefore is not named separately.

Got it ??

b) Once again: Mueller belongs to the hostmaster, he's NOT the private person financing APP's website ! And he's certainly not identical with me.

Those data are easily to be taken from the WHOIS info you have sent.

Why did you miss such basic important points?

Would you really claim that the Host's (=Schlund's) financial officer is billed for supporting APP's website? You couldn't prove that from his being mentioned in the bill section, see above.


Did you understand that, at all?

: 3. When confronted with this information Andreas Mueller claimed that it
was lies in an attempt to dodge the claims and avoid the question.

+++ That's a bit unclear:
Did you contact that person "Andreas Mueller"? No wonder that he has not the faintest idea. As many Germans he will not even know of the exstence of Assyrians.

Or are you referring to me:
In that case you anticipate a future event (you wrote that logically before I read it) and bundled it up with a defamation:
I never dodge anything. I love to stand and clarify. In the present case I have demonstrated amply above how you've cooked up your accusations.

: I'm getting tired of making you look like a liar Andeas.

+++ Lying makes tired, of course.

+++ Your wording in itself is tell tale: You "MAKE me LOOK like a liar"; at least you try to do so, i.e. to provoke the impression I am a liar, i.e. you're faking.

An honest job would run under the title: "PROVING a person to be a liar".
You never attempted that but cheated only.
Even if you had such an honest intent you would fail 'cause your claims are false.
See my rejections above.

: Now please answer the question.

+++ With regard to the open question I only like to repeat my earlier reasoning for being unable to respond.
Which is a pity because despite all defamation and nonsense you are spouting I have still not lost the hope you will prove honest enough to accept your own failures. If so, then we can proceed in co-operation to clarify your problems with APP or whatever - if I can do anything at all...

+++ Until then the following I wrote to Punch will still be valid:


" Is it really that difficult?


Posted by andreas from ( on
Sunday, November 24, 2002 at 10:50AM :

In Reply to: Re: What part did you not understand? posted by pancho from ( on Sunday,
November 24, 2002 at 10:14AM :

: It's fascinating how this Kraut works. he brings us posts by the
bushefull to help "clarify" things for us. But should you ask him a direct
question...goes about obfuscating like the worst examples he's presented to
us for us to supposedly learn from.

: Andreas...Eschew Obfuscation. You aren't fooling anyone with this tap
dance you go through each wonder you have to go back in
periodically to get untangled...try being straight for a change...what do
you think we are...Germans?

+++ Punchey-Crunchey: Is it really that difficult?
That so-called "direct" question was asked by Tiglath on a bunch of totally
false premises, according to one of which I would have any contact with APP
enabling me to enlighten him on that party's actual stance on immersion
schools within a very specific discussion under - I don't know what -
special circumstances and with what special focus.

+++ False premise --> false question input --> no answer.

+++ I do't know if that guy is simply poorly informed to misinformed thanks
to the splendid "Assyrian Intelligence & Information Apparatus" ... or he
is simply a bit dumb or a self-conceited liar.

+++ The obfuscation you are obviously experiencing is nothing else but your
distance from the light of reality.
Always look to the bright side...

+++ Don't blame me for your own wilfully wrong phantasies.

+++ If you and this ridiculous lemming of Tiglath would specify the
background/context of the said dispute, maybe I could help at least doing
some research.

+++ But, most understandably I will not start such a research on mere
hear-say and some unprecise, wishy-washy over-generalized statements which
are open to any misreading and misrepresentation.

+++ Given
a) the falseness and dumbness of Tiglath's info on me and
b) his weird affirmative reaction to Rapy Jacko's handling of the
censorship issue,
I'd like to ask if the story he's telling about his encounter with Nimrod
Beito is the complete truth at all or simply his very personal manufactured
and skewed perception if not wilful distortion. So first I am going to
check out that pseudo-super-Assyrian brat before running the risk of
heckling a possibly innocent person.

+++ Tell: Was it really so difficult to understand?
Also to Tiglath: Be precise, be articulate and never, NEVER give any

+++ Awaiting your cooling down and any constructive contribution.

-- andreas
-- signature . "

-- andreas
-- signature .

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