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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 11:49AM :

In Reply to: Re: Hauled from downstairs posted by sankho from ( on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 8:31AM :

: >>>>>>> Aaaah, that was my whole POINT... knowledge is power, and the crux of this whole discussion lies with exactly people like him: the ordinary Arab on the street in his dish-dasha

+++That is not the crux. If knowledge is what you are after you don't get it from dirt poor Muslims and Christians in a village somewhere taught in Madrassahs and Sunday Schools. What the man told you was hardly was his mistaken prejudice...just like the Christian slob across the way. Where did you go to school anyway... Matchbook U???

... who CARES what some highly educated academic in his ivory tower thinks... like you, ahem ahem

+++Low blow.

: : +++You are claiming estrangelo is a descendant of ancient cuneiform??? Why can't the Muslim in Iraq claim that it gave birth to Arabic also? You show me the connection between cuneiform and estrangelo and I'll show you its connection to Arabic.

: >>>>> And then again I am no scholar or linguist

+++Neither was the guy in the Dishdasha....but it didn't stop him from being a font of you.

... but I HAVE been told that estrangelo is much older than Arabi

+++Of course it would HAVE to be if it came much before. Sheesh!

and you don't find many pagan sun temples like the one in Sogmatar, or Urhai etc etc that use Arabi...

+++Why would they at that time and place? It was much later Arabic came...and who knows how it was influenced by trade and contact? Assyrians impacted the Greeks and taught them several things...why is it inconceivable that merchants carried the language with we likely have many foreign words in our even our ARAMAIC language is not Assyrian.

there is a stronger link with Akkadian and "Sureth" than Arabi [but this is splitting hairs because one language is as good as another lah?]

++++There are links and there are Missing Links.

-- pancho
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