Hi Tony !

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Posted by andreas from dialin-145-254-093-245.arcor-ip.net ( on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 5:52AM :

In Reply to: Re: For full text go to URL posted by Tony from ? ( on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 11:45AM :

Dear Tony,

: I find your posts very informative.

: Thank you

The same to you.

It's good to learn that some people still see benefits in broadening their
info base.

To get a really independent picture is still a hard struggle for the

To cease, however, in one's efforts would mean automatically being dragged
back and down into the swamps
of the manipulated tricklings from the mainstream=mudstream press diet.

Nevertheless it might have not elapsed your attention that my news postings here
are only sporadic, selected and not to full volume of the original ANU Assyrian News
Watch but rather appetizers & incentives to promote interest in news gathering and laying an info basis for any informed discussion.

Basically I don't think that a forum is the ultimately best place for posting such stuff as there is a certain immanent tendency to clutter and inundate. An independent website would be clearly preferable.

Here my thanks go again to Punchey for his generosity to provide space.

Tony, do you see there any chance that such an endeavor of a news website being run by *Assyrians* - and not primarily by myself through ANU - would have any chance? How can Assyrian contributors be won?

Such a site could be enriched with news in other languages, background info and own articles, analyses.

What do you think?



-- andreas
-- signature .

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