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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 8:38AM :

In Reply to: Falwell To Jesus: Get A Hummer posted by Tony from ( on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 2:14AM :

Let's call a god a spade.

Religion only exists as an institution because it serves political goals...makes bitter pills easier to swallow...and obscures true intentions behind a gauzey veil.

Falwell knows that if the Pope doesn't.

The Religious Right is a political organization...just because they drag Jesus in by the hair and sit him down in the Boardroom doesn't mean the Boardroom is now a church...or a synagogue or a mosque.

note: The world really would have been a better place without these three...that are one...except when they are two...emanating from three, or was it from two...

The Right To Life movement could give a damn about children...and they don't much care for emryos either...what they wanted was votes, and not in heaven, but here on the legislature, These people also just happen to not give a shit for minorities rights, womens rights...workers rights, environmental protection etc. It just is a fact of nature that a mind made stupid enough to buy organized religion can't understand things like liberty, equality, consumer protection etc...their lobes aren't developed enough. Such a mind is already mightily prone to accept "expert testimony" and believe in official and governmental edicts...they are already buying into theat great big legislator in the sky...if you can believe THAT piece of absurdity, what wouldn't you believe from a senator or CEO? They further the agenda of the Bosses, the ones who make cars and oil and wealth...only you can't come out and ask for a vote on chopping down all the you get the politician into office you need by stressing his love for embryos and devotion to god, and tough stance on crime and devotion to the Ten Commandments...though trees are also made by god and vast fortunes never were.

This is where the Puritans screwed us and everybody else. They don't believe their reward is waiting for them after death...that's just the cherry on top of the icing they accumulated here on earth. And the gobs of icing they have is PROOF that god must love and approve of them...and this god of theirs is famously unconcerned about how they got their icing...because according to Calvin the wicked will not prosper, thus sayeth the lord...and he who gets the icing has found favor with the lord. The lord "pays",,,right here on earth.

It's good in a way...let them go further and further till more of us see it. get religion out of politcis, really out of it...get it out of our hair, our bedrooms, our schools and legislatures. Leave it where it belongs...hidden from view and locked behind closed doors.

Religion is a hazrd to your health and a menace to society. It isn't doing the planet any good either. Would we be the worse for having no religion? Maybe not, but we wouldn't have this sanctimonious and murderous certainty that a god approves of us. God was never more correct, more spot balls on right, than when he wanted to wipe us out. He just should have taken reponsibility for making us in "his" image, the putz....and gotten rid of himself as well. Instead, and true to his dismal self, he found an innocent sweet son of his to kill.

From such beginnings...what would you expect that we don't suffer from?

-- pancho
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