The Prayer Call of Zarathustra

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Posted by andreas from ( on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 9:28AM :

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The prayer call of Zarathustra

(from the G‚th‚s of the Avesta):

"Even the wisest among us
is not able to judge.
He's living his life,
others are living theirs.
GOD alone knows the end [...]

I know only:
that with their teachings they are crushing something in my heart and
smothering my ardent desire for the GOOD slowly but constantly
that I am crying for redemption.

Therefore I call a deceiver the one
who desecrates what is the deepest for me,
who is out to ruin my earth and
who is out to bar my sight into heaven,
who makes only sly and shrewd the prudents
teaching them only earthly profit
and crushes down the one striving for anything beyond, for the noble and sublime. [...]

Alas, they themselves carry on with their lives - but only at the costs and poverty of others
cheating them out of their just reward and
all the time seducing more and more others with their acting [...]

Shall they remain as they are
this will be punishment enough for them.

But letís see that they donít reach out any further !

Understand with me,
where such acting will lead to in the end
and such insight will preserve you.

Letís make the earth free again
fallen prey has she now to the furious.
Ideologues and oppressors are stifling life -
but together with life we shall be triumphing.

For our life is more than eating and drinking:
Justice it is -
which is going through heaven and earth. [...]

You, Oh GOD, know:
Only because I love the humans
I am praying this way."

From Yasn‚ XXXII:7-16, in its interpretive translation by Paul Eberhart: "Das Rufen des Zarathushtra (Die Gathas des Awesta) [The calling of Zarathustra (The gathas of the Avesta)]. An attempt to give their meaning. Jena 1913, p. 16-18.

-- andreas
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