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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 4:15PM :

In Reply to: "What kind of an ally is Saudi Arabia?&q posted by Lilly from D007072.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 2:08PM :

We've been shoved into this...started years ago when Arabs became the bad guys in films.

No matter what happens...who is now a "friend" who later turns out to have gone "rogue"...who is the murderer now...who turns up rehabilitaed...the thrust of all of this is to demonize ALL somehow make radical Muslims representative of ALL Islam.

This isn't something that was "planned"...not in the way you or I usually plan and I don't usually have people killed and send others to steal and rape...for "policy".

Our leaders...our own Assrin ones too, are first and foremost, "Opportunists". They have to be...they have to run ahead of events and see where the benefit to them might be...somewhere down the road.

There are all sorts of "good" things that can be squeezed out of the Religious Right...all sorts of ways to use scare them, anger them...tease them, promise them...all kinds of things you can achieve through them, if you'll just play to their peculiarities. That's why you have all these sleazy fornicators healing people...crying on TV...making impassioned speeches about God and country.

SOMEBODY has to deliver the voters. Research shows how these sorts of people will vote on the real issues these people care about...screw the embryos and the children and education and the rest of it.

The religious people see a battle between God and Satan...they're god and whoever they don't like is satan. All this talk about "Evil" should be the tip off...only evil people see Evil. The rest of us see nasty humans not much different from us. If "evil" Islam has killed people..."evil" Christianity has barbecued them.

But while they're waging this Biblical Armandget'em...over on the side and behind the scenes....air quality standards are being changed,,,banking regulations are being gutted for the next round, the judiciary is being manipulated so we'll get the judges who will uphold god...and vote on all the ungodly stuff.

See...if you are "good" in school all those're that much more likely to stay good all your life...good and stupid.

-- pancho
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