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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 6:44AM :

In Reply to: Re: Question to Tony Beit Malo Zango? posted by Tony Zango BeitMalo from ( on Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 2:27AM :

: Have him come here.

+++It's interesting, this is the one place that wont shut you up...where you can ask anything without fear of being terminated for ill manners or asking "wrong" questions or making "false" statements...and a whole host of these experts and patriots avoid it like the plague. They all read here, of course...even they get bored where they feel safe.

++++Old Assyrian4life couldn't stand it because his one statement was challenged...that's all, just challenged. Yet at the same time he insists that the youth of Holland are up to something big. You mean no one anywhere is challenging Assyrians besides me? Or could that be the reason we don't go anywhere and do anything or build anything as Assyrians...because anything meaningful we tried to do might be a statement at the very least.

++++I see them now, cowering behind the door of Assyria..."you go out there first".

"No way, I might get asked a question, YOU go".

"Are you crazy? What am I gonna say if someone asks me a question....why don't YOU step outside, you're our leader?"

"Are you joking...I haven't been able to keep my knees from rattling in think I want to get asked a question OUT THERE?"

+++And so it goes...we stay where it's 'safe". In the pen where we've herded ourselves up together...and after the butcher leaves, we "celebrate" another victim.

+++We need too much coddling and protecting...that's why we cozy up under the wing of some other power always. I guess they know best.

-- pancho
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